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Corporate Transportation Glendale

OML Worldwide has been the leader in corporate limo and transportation service in Glendale for over 60 years! However, we are not just a business limo service.  We are FULL SERVICE business limo service. That means no matter where your employees are going we will get them there safely and on time.  We also have a wide variety of vehicles that we can provide at a moment’s notice when you need us. We are ready for you when you need us whether it is to get you to the big meeting or any airport in Chicagoland or Wisconsin.  We are also the choice for Fortune 500 companies to coordinate transportation for their events and conferences in Glendale as well.  When you choose OML Worldwide for your corporate transportation needs you are choosing:

  • Chauffeur Driven Magazine Recommended Business For Affiliates
  • 5 Star Reviewed Business on The Knot 
  • Safe, Quick, and a Relaxing Ride For Your Entire Wedding Party!
  • 60 Plus Years Of a Veteran Owned Business
  • 4.8 Star Reviews and Recommendations on Facebook 
  • A Rated and Recommended on Angie’s List

Trust in the expertise and the knowledge at OML Worldwide in Winnetka for any corporate transportation needs you have.  


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Corporate Events in Glendale

So your office has been selected for the company wide meeting this year.  Your business is hosting VIP’s and Dignitaries from all over the country.  It doesn’t matter to us. OML Worldwide will work with your business every step of the way to make sure that all travelers to Winnetka are taken care of with their transportation. Running transportation for your entire event can be complicated and seem a little daunting.  OML Worldwide is here to help and there are some things you can keep in mind when it comes to planning transportation for your event:

  1. Trust Bigger Services – There is always cost saving measurements that you can do when it comes to planning an event.  However, with the number of people coming to your event, make sure to trust a business in Winnetka that has a lot of vehicles that can hold the people you need to transport.  They will work with you and make sure that you have everything set up and what you need.  With multiple trips going to multiple locations sometimes have a service with more vehicles is always the best to rely on then one that has a few cars.
  2. Try and Schedule Windows:  Traffic to and from the airports in Chicago can mess up your event timing.  You can also run into a problem if scheduled events go longer and people need to get to other places using the transportation service around the city.  If it is possible to schedule built in travel windows around when your conferences, events, and session start and stop before the next one does.  If your executives are going out for dinner in Chicago, make sure to consider the travel time into the city on nights when you make the reservations.
  3. Use Guides and Greeters: When you are flying in people from all over the country take advantage of using guides and greeters from your transportation service to try and minimize confusion during the travel.  Using greeters can make sure that your transportation service corrals everyone at the airport.  OML Worldwide will also have people going to your event and guide people on the busses they need to get on to get elsewhere. Both of these services are invaluable because it ends the confusion of the guests attending the events and ensures people know where they are going.
  4. Book as Early as Possible:  Have the day of the event?  Know where it is going to be held?  Schedule your flights and book the transportation as soon as you can.  This is going to give you the best chance you have of making sure everything is locked down on that day.  This will also give the business transportation service in Glendale that you are working the best opportunity to give you the cars and ride times that you are going to need.
  5. Double Check Vehicles – Before you depart from a Bus make sure to walk up and down the whole thing to make sure everyone has grabbed everything.  Vehicles change during the day and there is no guarantee that you will get the same vehicle for two different trips.  Make sure people who are attending know this fact.

Executive Travel In Glendale

When you are working in Glendale or have a business meeting at one of the many business headquarters located in the city you need a service that can get you to where you are going on time and safely.  Here are some things to remember when you are traveling to either of our airports and heading into Glendale:

Make Use Of All Outlets:  When you are traveling make sure all of you devices are charged as much as possible.  If you are flying back that night, make use of the outlets in the room and charge devices during your meeting when possible.  Carry around a couple of charging bricks in your bag.  This will definitely help you when you are traveling.

Traffic In and Out of the City:  When you are booking a trip from the airport to Gelndale remember to allow for traffic on a given day in order to give yourself time to get to our appointment.  If you are traveling on Thursday afternoon this is busier at O’Hare. Traffic generally takes place between 7-10am and starts again from 4-7pm.

Allow 2 Hours Before Your Flight: If you are flying out of Chicago definitely allow yourself two hours before your flight when you get to the airport.  If you are flying out of Midway, there is one way to get there from Glendale.  There are several stop lights on the way so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time for that as well even though security checks are shorter.  If you are flying out Thursday of O’Hare, make sure you give yourself two and half hours.

Back Up Print Your Itinerary:  It sounds old school, but there are several reasons why your phone may not work, not be charged, or could break, and you have no documentation to fly.  If you back up print your itinerary you always have a backup plan you can rely on.

However, getting to and from the airport to your business’ headquarters or to the meeting you have to make is still dependant on a corporate transportation service in Glendale that you can rely on.  Trust O’Hare Midway Limo and we will ensure that your travel is smooth and punctual.

Corporate Limo Service Glendale

Busses, cars, limos, SUVs, we have you covered.  We are ready to help you with your executive travel needs in Glendale no matter what they are!  We have an entire department dedicated to corporate travel and groups in the local area. For over 60 years we are the business people turn to in order to make sure their corporate transportation is taken care of properly.  We have dedicated an entire spot on our site to the residents of Glendale and have provided you with tips for the different kinds of transportation service you are looking for below.  Learn more about these services and pass them along to friends or family that might need them.

If you are looking to book a executive travel now call us at 847-948-8050