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3 Tips for a Great Game Day at Wrigley Field

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If you live in Chicago, of course you’re heading to a Cubs game this summer. And why not? Chicago fans are perhaps the most passionate in the world of sports, and with the Cubs coming off a monumental 2016 World Series win, crowds are sure to be at fever pitch all season long.

With the 2017 season already underway, it’s time to get your tickets, take your jersey out of the closet, and start planning your day at Wrigley Field. At OML Worldwide, many of us are die-hard Cubs fans who have been going to games for years. These are our expert tips for a great game day at Wrigley Field.

1. Take Advantage of the Upgrades

It’s an exciting time to be at Wrigley Field! The 2017 season brought with it a ton of upgrades. The bullpens have been relocated to what were originally the batting cages underneath the right and left field bleachers, allowing fans to get a better view of pitchers warming up. Moving the bullpens has also created room for an additional four rows of seating on the first and third baselines. Now, players can get even closer to the action.

These rows of seating are a part of the American Airlines 1914 Club, Wrigley Field’s new club experience. The historic ballpark is in the process of replacing every seat. 700 Club and Field Box Seats, plus 3,000 Terrace Reserved and Terrace Box seats behind home plate have been replaced.

This season, the ballpark has opened up a new western gate where fans can enter off of the Park at Wrigley — a plaza that will feature retail shops and concessions. Now, fans can enter the concourse and go up to the terrace, which should alleviate some congestion.

A new wheelchair lift has been installed to get guests from the concourse to the new seats in the Field Box. The right field ramp and staircase have been replaced, and the rightfield concourse bathrooms have been updated. The park also opened up three new concession stands and improved the cooking capabilities so more food can be prepared on-site.

2. Book Transportation to Easily Get In and Out of Wrigley

Transportation is always a concern for fans heading to the Friendly Confines. Parking is extremely limited and expensive, and post-game, you can expect to get stuck in a crowd.

Bypass the crowds and hunt for parking by booking a reputable Chicago car service like OML Worldwide. We started our business over 60 years ago, and we have endured this long because of our dedication to providing exceptional service. We only hire the most professional and knowledgeable chauffeurs, so you can make it to the game with plenty of time to spare, and leave without a headache.

Contact OML Worldwide to learn more about our services or request a free quote for your upcoming trip to Wrigley Field, or use our handy mobile reservation platform to schedule a ride from the convenience of your phone.

3. Throw Back a Brew in Wrigleyville

One tradition Cubs fans have long upheld is enjoying ice cold beers before, during, and after the game. Head to Wrigleyville early so you can toss back a refreshing beer or two at one of these lively bars:

The Cubby Bear

+ Old Crow Smokehouse

+ The Irish Oak

+ Gingerman Tavern

+ Casey Moran’s

+ Sluggers

+ The Full Shilling

Hanging out at a neighborhood bar pre- and post-game is half the fun of a Cubs game! Wherever you end up, it’ll go great with a Cubs win. Here’s to another historic, record-breaking season of baseball from the Chicago Cubs. Happy baseball season!

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in April 2016 and has since been updated for accuracy.

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