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3 Business Travel Trends to Look for in 2016

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Planning for Business Travel in 2016?

As 2015 comes to a close, professionals everywhere are planning their business travel experiences in the coming year.

Not only do you have air travel, expense reporting, hotels, and ground transportation to consider–you also have to maintain productivity in a variety of environments.

As you head into corporate travel situations in 2016, consider these trends:

Let’s Get Technological

More and more business travelers are relying on technology to manage the details of business travel. There’s an app for virtually everything: finding a flight, tracking a flight, finding and booking a hotel, and even expense reporting is possible through the power of technology.

2016 will bring even more technology to improve your business travel experience. These great apps are set to make corporate trips even better:

+ City Hour: If you’re looking to network in your destination city or meet up with clients while you’re in town, City Hour can help. You can quickly connect to anyone in your network who wants to set up a meeting within the hour. You can also meet and network with people based on shared interests and industry.

+ Jetlag Rooster: If you’re constantly traveling between time zones, Jetlag Rooster can help you avoid the perils of jet lag in just a few easy steps.

+ Hipmunk: Why Hipmunk? For starters, it’s a great all-in-one for choosing and managing elements of your trip. Search a huge database for flights, and always pay a great price.  

A Little Bit of Leisure

Another big trend for business travelers in the coming year is leisure time.

Rather than enduring a jam-packed, non-stop business conference or seminar, many business travelers are finding time to squeeze in some recreational outings.

The risk of burnout during business travel is high–so heading out to a museum, movie or heralded restaurant can help break up the monotony and give you some relief from the pressure.

Additionally, leisure outings can help with future business trips to the same destination. You can learn your way around and get some insight into the home turf of important clients.

A Better Option for Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is among the most important parts of a business traveler’s experience.

Unreliable ground transportation can be disastrous, causing you to be late to important meetings or dinners. Without reliable transportation, you lose time and money, not to mention your peace of mind. In 2016, you shouldn’t settle for a driver that doesn’t know his way around. You shouldn’t settle for a vehicle that’s in terrible shape or a company that doesn’t offer outstanding customer service.

Business travelers these days are demanding more.

Chauffeured car service with a reputable company is the superior choice for business travelers everywhere.

If you’re traveling in Chicago, for instance, you can confidently book car service with OML Worldwide We has over 50 years of experience providing transportation for business and leisure travelers. In Chicagoland and beyond, OML can make your trip effortless and enjoyable.

Our expertise extends beyond simply getting you where you need to go; we also specialize in being attuned to your particular needs. The distinct experiences of business travel require attention and preparation; OML Worldwide will  rise to the occasion each and every time.

As 2016 quickly approaches, we hope you’re prepared for your best business travel experiences yet. Here’s to another great year in the air and on the road!


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