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3 Airport Hacks to Get You Through Summer Business Travels

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Heat and Humidity? Don’t Let It Ruin Your Summer Business Trips

Summer is a tough time to be on the business travel trail. Not only do you have to don hot, uncomfortable suits and business attire for meetings and conferences, you have to navigate a world that is a handful of degrees hotter. This can lead to fatigue, bad moods, discomfort and general unhappiness, all of which are especially detrimental to an important business trip.

To help with your summer business travel woes, OML Worldwide, based in Chicago, has put together this list of convenient airport hacks to help make your summer on the road way easier.

Here are 3 great hacks for getting through the summer when you’re business traveling.

Create an Arsenal of Personal Products for Summer Weather

When you have to hop off your flight and go straight to an important meeting, you’re going to need some help looking fresh, put together and ready to go.

Add in hot temperatures, sweat and humidity, and you’re going to need even more products to erase the effects of traveling.

Not to fear, business travelers: we’ve found a few products that are a godsend for combatting the effects of summer weather on travelers’ appearances. Here are a few notable product rock stars to add to your arsenal before heading off on that mid-July business conference getaway:

+Dry shampoo: Helps absorb oil, add shine, and provide a nice fragrance for your hair. Quick, convenient and easy, you can dry shampoo your hair in the car ride to your business meeting or in the airplane bathroom before you land. A must-have for business travelers who want to look put together but find their hair falls flat and gets frizzy or oily when trekking through hot airport parking lots during the summer.

+Oil Blotting Sheets: In the majority of skin types, hot, humid weather causes an increase in sweating and oil production on the face, creating that unwanted shine and ruddiness. Oil blotting sheets are a cheap secret weapon to help ensure that you arrive at your business meeting matte and fresh-looking.

+Cooling Body Spray: When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing more refreshing than a body mist with cooling properties. You should enter your business meeting feeling relaxed and ready, not hot and sweaty. A body spray with allow or mint will create a cooling effect on the skin, allowing you to indulge in a momentary chill and fight the heat and misery of the summer weather.

Consider Flying Red-Eye

Summer is among the most popular times of year for family and general vacations. The influx of flyers will create an even more chaotic and crowded airport experience, especially if you travel during peak hours. Because summer is such a popular time to fly, you’ll also have to pay more for your ticket.

Red-eye flights are an easy way to save money and frustration. You will arrive at the airport for your flight after 9 pm, when the majority of flyers have already departed for the day or the next day’s travelers have yet to arrive. You’ll get to enjoy less crowded airports, planes and security lines.

Because red-eye flights are generally harder to fill, you also won’t have to pay as much for your ticket, especially if you’re flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Book Car Service

There’s nothing worse than landing in your destination city and then standing on the curb outside, sweating and waiting for your cab or ride-sharing service to arrive. Not only will this conundrum diminish your physical appearance even further, it can possibly make you late and put you in bad spirits before a very important business meeting.

The secret to avoiding this issue is to book car service. A legitimate car service will provide you with punctual and reliable service, every time you need them, especially when your flight is landing and you need a quick getaway.

A great car service will provide you with the expertise of a professional chauffeur, one who knows the city you’re in and will have recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and local events.

So before you schedule your next business trip for this summer, prepare for the chaos with the easy tips and great products. You can arrive to you first summer business meeting looking fresh and feeling fresh, with the energy to deliver your best work.

Photo Credit: Andrew Braithwaite

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