3 Easy Ways to Be More Productive in 2017

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New year, new resolutions. Many of you are focused on the goals you set and are striving to achieve them, but it’s not easy. Finding time to take on new projects and establish healthier habits while keeping up with work can be a real challenge, especially for busy professionals. Once the craziness of the new year sets in, productivity can take a serious hit.

O’Hare-Midway Transportation in Chicago is committed to helping busy professionals stay productive by minimizing the amount of concern they experience over their transportation. Whether it’s a week-long business trip or a quick ride to the airport, OML understands the precarious nature of productivity and is always looking to help our clients get the most out of their trip.

In a similar spirit, we’ve created a list of easy ways to stay productive in 2017. Here’s to a year full of milestones, progress, and meeting deadlines!

Get organized

This can be as simple as buying a whiteboard for your office wall or as complicated as doing a deep clean of your workspace. Getting organized is all about your particular professional environment. Is your messy desk holding you back? Is your email inbox a nightmare? Do you simply need to organize your time better? Understanding which parts of your professional life are unorganized is the first step toward organization.

The second step is implementation. Buy the whiteboard and use it, whether it’s to record meeting times, client call times, or to schedule your breaks. Clean your office with a design in mind. Get rid of documents that are cluttering up your desk drawers. Implement a filing system to ensure that the documents you do need are easy to find.

What this organization leads to, ultimately, is more time to work on actual work without getting distracted by the details of trying to find an important memo, getting lost in endless email, or losing track of time.

Avoid multitasking

Old-fashioned opinion holds that multitasking is a great skill that helps us get more done in a shorter period of time. In truth, multitasking diminishes our focus and decreases both the amount we get done and the quality of the work we produce.

Multitasking can also increase stress levels and decrease the efficiency of memory, causing multitaskers to need to check and re-check facts and figures.

At the end of the day, it is far better to select a task, focus on completing that task, and move on when you’ve finished. Each facet of your work will benefit from giving your best effort.

Streamline your day

One of the main frustrations in a professional’s life is the amount of time he or she must devote to menial tasks that impede productivity. Feeling obligated to check your email every 10 minutes, sitting in meetings that don’t concern you, and wasting time during a long and arduous morning commute are just a few of the ways that your time is slipping away while at work.

There are simple solutions to these problems. Be more discerning in regards to RSVP’ing for meetings. Hire a car service to handle your commute one or two mornings a week so you can use your drive for more important things, like creating a schedule for your day or answering some of those annoying, inbox-cluttering emails.

However you utilize the time you gain from trimming away useless tasks and time wasters, focus on the benefits of streamlining your work life and getting back more of your valuable time.

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in January 2015. However, it has since been updated to reflect the most accurate information.

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