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3 Must-Have Business Travel Tools

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Business Travel 2015: Prepare for Your Trip With These Tools

Business travel can be exhausting, and for those of us who don’t have the proper tools in place before we catch that red-eye, it can also be disastrous. Managing a schedule, battling airport lines and struggling to get enough sleep between meetings can take a huge toll on your morale. You can get back some of that morale by carefully preparing yourself and purchasing the right travel tools before your next trip.

Here are our picks for the most important tools a business traveler can have on hand.

A Great Carry-On

Waiting at baggage claim (and paying the extra fees) is not feasible for many business travelers. A faster, less burdened trek through the airport is the way to go, and investing in a great carry-on is a huge part of that. Here are three carry-ons that are perfect for business travelers who needs versatility and durability in their luggage:

+ Samsonite Hyperspace XLT Spinner ($139.00): Water-resistant fabric offers extra durability and aluminum handles resist pull and erosion. Inside is equipped with wetpak and mesh modesty pockets to help you organize more efficiently.

+ Travelpro Maxlite 3 Expandable Spinner ($112.88): Airline-grade aluminum handles ensure comfort and durability, while the interior features a full-length interior lid pocket, accessory pockets and adjustable straps for optimum storage capabilities.

+ Briggs + Riley Baseline Domestic Carry On ($499.00): While certainly higher up on the dollar scale, the Baseline offers travelers up to 25 percent size expansion, a Ballistic nylon outer cover to resist wear and tear, a lightweight fiberglass frame for optimum maneuverability, self-repairing zippers, Smartlink strap inserts and U-zip front pockets offer easy access to important items and easy, reliable storage.

A Multi-Purpose Charger

A tangle of charger chords floating around in your carry-on can be a nightmare when it’s time to juice up one of your important devices. A single charger that offers multiple capabilities is a great investment to reduce clutter and make charging your laptop, tablet or phone much easier.

Here are our picks for great multi-use chargers:

+ Insignia Dual-USB Wall Charger ($19.99): With two USB ports and adaptors for multiple countries’ outlets, including Northern Europe and Australia, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

+ Insignia 4-Port Charging Station ($49.99): Easily charge up to four tablets, smartphones or a combination of both with this 6.8 amp charging station.

+ Easy Acc Multi-Purpose Universal Travel Wall Charger ($8.99): Compatible with the majority of cell phone batteries, with an extra USB port, this affordable charger is an asset during travel.

A Relationship With a Reliable Car Service Company

Airports, especially the busy ones, can be a hassle to get out of. Once your plane lands, the last thing you want to do is stand in line at the rental car kiosk or stand on the curb trying to get a cab.

A car service eliminates the needs for both of these struggles and streamlines your transportation out of any airport.

Establishing a relationship with a trustworthy car service company can help ensure that you have transportation waiting for you each time your plane lands.

Search for companies who offer mobile apps; this will further reduce the amount of energy and time you’ll need to expend to acquire car service for your business trip. Simply access the app, make your reservation, and you’re good to go.

Many business travelers struggle through inadequate transportation, thinking there are no other options. Begin researching car service companies today, and you can eliminate that struggle and improve every corporate travel experience in the future.

How do you get through your business trips? Let us know in the comments!

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