3 Things We Love About Baseball Season

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And last night it started.  The green of the grass, the smell of hotdogs and peanuts and the undeniable crack of the ball hitting the bat can only mean the start of another MLB season.  This means your Chicago Limo company will have vehicles at Wrigley and US Cellular Field helping everyone enjoy the games safely and responsibly.  Below are a few things I personally love about the baseball season.

Announcers – I think every team has their “voice”.  I love that when I travel I can hear the local announcers obviously rooting for their home team and yelling at the umps.  While we’ve lost many of the greats like Jack Buck and Harry Carey, there are still a lot of great play-by-play and color men out there.

Day Games – My first day at OML Worldwide, I walked in to our COO Dale watching the Cubs in the office.  Being from a baseball town I think that is when I knew I made the right choice.  Daytime baseball in Chicago is a staple and something I certainly enjoy.

Rivalries – This is by far my favorite thing about baseball.  Whether it’s New York vs. Boston, San Francisco vs. L.A. or Cardinals vs. Cubs it’s great conversation with limo friends around the country.  And I’ll tell you, being in an office of Cubs fans can get interesting for a man with more than one pair of Cardinals boxer shorts.

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Dale Schahczinski
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