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3 Tips for Corporate Travel in the Fall

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Autumn is Right Around the Corner; Are You Prepared for Corporate Travel?

As the season change, so do the challenges of business travel, air travel and productivity. Summertime presents a bit of a lull in business travel for many professionals, but that lull transforms into a jam-packed schedule once fall arrives, throwing many executives into a tailspin.

Preparing for the impending issues of business travel during autumn can help you adjust smoothly, whether it’s preparing for the weather or doing extra research to find the best options for hotels and transportation.

Here are three tips for a seamless transition into fall for corporate travelers everywhere.

Adjust to Packing Fall Clothing Efficiently

Summer and fall require different wardrobes for travelers, and thus, different packing techniques. For many business travelers heading north, autumn temperatures can get frigid. Packing a jacket, sweater or a coat can seem tricky, especially when you’re trying to limit your luggage to a carry-on.

But that’s not to say it can’t be done.

Whether you’re packing a suit, pants instead of shorts, long-sleeves instead of short-sleeves, a jacket or a coat, consulting packing experts can help you adjust to the autumn weather without graduating to a larger luggage during your business travelers.

Here are a few great resources for ideas on packing cold weather clothing in a carry-on:

+ Smarter Travel

+ Never Ending Voyage

+ Packsmith

Get the Latest Weather

Staying up-to-date on the weather, including changes and sudden shifts, is vital during the fall months. For business travelers, it can be the difference between making a flight on time or suffering an unexpected delay.

Weather apps have always been extremely valuable for business travelers because they help us predict: predict air travel patterns, which clothing to pack and how to arrange our schedules in anticipation of weather events.

With app technology constantly evolving, there’s a new crop of weather and weather-related apps every year it seems; autumn is a great time to upgrade your technology and get the latest weather apps to keep up with any changes that may affect your business trips.

Check out these three weather apps to stay on top of changes as you plan your corporate travels this autumn:

+ Dark Skies (for iOS)

+ WeatherPro (Android and iOS)

+ AccuWeather (Android and iOS)

Acquire Ground Transportation That Doesn’t Surcharge

Business travelers deserve ground transportation that they can trust. In fact, finding trustworthy ground transportation was among the chief concerns of business travelers in recent data.

The findings are really no surprise, especially when you consider the dangers and inconsistencies of options like taxis and rental cars.

Another option for ground transportation that has proven to be unreliable and unsatisfactory for many business travelers is ride-sharing.

Amid the multiple complaints about Uber’s hiring policies, insurance policies and reported attacks on passengers by their drivers, many business travelers, especially females and other vulnerable parties, feel unsafe relying on such an unregulated industry when they travel.

Similarly, Uber and Lyft have been criticized for their price-gouging policies, which can see prices soar as high as 8X the standard amount during inclement weather, holidays or other opportune times.

With fall weather being unpredictable, especially in northern cities like Chicago, relying on ride-sharing during autumn business travels could mean shelling out a lot more money than you planned for ground transportation.

Car service is the ideal option for reliable, licensed, and insured ground transportation each and every time you travel. Rates are predictable and transparent at each stage of service, from reservation to pick ups to drop offs.

Do your research on trustworthy companies in your destination city; with reliable ground transportation on hand, you can enjoy your business trip in peace.

What are some of the ways you improve business travel during the fall? Let us know in the comments!

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