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4 Amazing Day Trips from Chicago

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Summertime in the city can be enjoyable. The chance to sip a Mojito on a rooftop patio, enjoy the warm night air and extra sunlight is nice for anyone. But the city can also be exhausting, especially when it’s hot.

Battling the heat, crowds and hustle of the day-to-day can be too much for many city dwellers. That’s why a day trip is always a good idea.

Summer can be the perfect time to plan a weekend trip or day-long getaway near Chicago. You don’t have to go far; in a place like Chicago, in fact, rest and relaxation is just a short drive away.

The purpose of this kind of summer escape is to give you a change of scenery, a chance to slow down or just the opportunity to explore a different area. Here are our 4 favorite locations for day trips from Chicago.

Galena, Illinois

170 Miles from Chicago

Considered a favorite getaway for city-dwellers in the mid-West, Galena has a little bit of everything.

Check out:

+Historical sites

+Award-winning vineyards



+World-class dining


Whether you spend your time exploring the historical architecture of the Old Mine District, sipping wine at Galena Cellars Vineyard or shopping for antiques at All Things Vintage, Galena provides relief from the stresses of the city.

New Buffalo, Michigan

70 Miles from Chicago

For those who love boating and life on the water, New Buffalo is an ideal option for a day trip out of Chicago.

Here are a few of the things you can expect to enjoy during your visit:

+Beach and lakefront parks




+Historical Sites and Museums


You can also shop, choose from a number of great restaurants or check out the local calendar for festivals, concerts and events.

Woodstock, Illinois

50 Miles from Chicago

Woodstock was made famous in the 1993 blockbuster Groundhog Day, with its beautiful Victorian architecture and quaint, home-town feel. Tourists visit Woodstock in droves each year, hoping to enjoy some of the city’s unique atmosphere and commerce.

Here are a few musts to add to your itinerary while in Woodstock:

+Woodstock Opera House

+Historic Woodstock Town Square

+Exquisite sushi at Golden Rolls



+Walking Trails

+McHenry County Recreation Sites

You can also stop by Fremont Street in suburban Woodstock to catch a glimpse of that famous  Victorian-style mansion that belonged to Bill Murray’s Phil Connors in Groundhog Day.

Geneva, Illinois

44 Miles from Chicago

The closest in distance to Chicago of all the places on our list is beautiful Geneva. This town is a favorite for Chicagoans looking for a quick vacation for a number of reasons; it offers amazing accommodations, a variety of natural and commercial areas to enjoy, as well as historic architecture and flair.

Here’s a snapshot of what this awesome city offers:



+Outdoor Sports and Activities


+Theatre and Performing Arts

+ Shopping

Whether you’re learning about the history of the city at the Geneva History museum or shopping the day away at some of the notable boutiques, there’s always something new to do or see.

Getting the Most Out of Your Day Trip

Even if you’re only planning for a day or weekend trip out of Chicago, you deserve to enjoy every minute of it.

Unfortunately, handling your own transportation and parking throughout your trip is a stress that can get out of hand. You deal with enough crazy traffic and confusion in the city; your weekend getaway should be your time to relax. That’s why booking car service is such a vital part of your day trip experience.

OML Worldwide has been serving the Chicago area with expert, luxury car service and professional chauffeurs for over 50 years. They offer a diverse fleet of vehicles to help make your getaway comfortable, luxurious, and above all, relaxing.

With car service on hand, your vacation begins the moment our chauffeur picks you up; all you’ll have to do is enjoy the sights and sounds as you make your way out of the city for some much-needed R&R.

Photo Credit: Anne Swoboda

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