4 Best Carry-Ons for the Female Business Traveler

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Prepare for Your Next Business Trip with a Great Carry-On

Business travel can be a challenge; when you’re responsible for preparing your itinerary, finding a suitable hotel, procuring car service for the duration of your trip and trying to orchestrate flights and reservations, things can get overwhelming.

Another thing that business travelers must worry about when traveling is getting through the airport in a timely fashion. There are several things that can aid this process, such as enrolling in TSA Pre-Check, having your boarding passes printed out beforehand and booking your flights between 11 pm and 6 am, to minimize the amount of congestion, and thus waiting, that you’ll do in airport lines.

How about getting to skip baggage check and the outrageous fees that many airlines charge to check a bag? It’s no secret that a durable, versatile, and regulation-sized carry-on is a godsend for a constant business traveler. Female business travelers, who often have more products to pack, have an even harder time selecting a carry-on that can do all this and more.

Here are our five favorite carry-ons for female business travelers.

Tumi Tegra-Lite™ Max International Expandable Carry-On

Tumi Integra

Price: $486.50

Weight: 9.4 lbs

Although it clocks in at a staggering $486 dollars, the Tumi Tegra-Lite™ is a carry-on that will last you for years, showing little-to-no wear. It’s lighter than a standard carry-on, perfect for female travelers who need to maneuver quickly and easily through airports, subways, city streets and more.

What’s more, the Tegra-Lite™ is expandable, allowing you more room inside the case should you need it. It’s hard-shell exterior can stand up to even the toughest conditions, while also casting a sleek and attractive silhouette. This carry-on meets most domestic standards for carry-on luggages.

Travelpro Crew 10 Expandable Rollaboard

travelpro crew 10

Price: $186.99

Weight: 7.9 lbs

This ultra-lightweight carry-on has aluminum extension handles to help with reinforcement and to minimize wobble, no matter how quickly you need to move. It also features a deluxe suiter to help keep your clothing pressed and un-wrinkled as you travel.

The interior features a full-lid pocket, perfect for extra toiletries or products you may need to bring along, while the exterior features Duraguard coating to protect against the elements and keep your belongings safe and dry, as well as extend the life of your carry-on.

Samsonite Lift Spinner

samsonite lift spinner

Price: $159.99

Weight: 6.5 lbs

This ultra-lightweight carry-on has multi-direction spinning wheels to minimize pressure and weight on your arm, and a deep main compartment with mesh to help maximize your use of space and allow for discreet packing of personal items. The compression straps will help you keep your clothing pressed and in place to minimize wrinkling or movement, while the large front pocket can help you organize your devices and work tools with ease. It also expands to help for more packing capacity should you need it.

Delsey Helium Aero Expandable Trolley

DelseyPrice: $127.49

Weight: 8.4 lbs

While marginally heavier than our other listings, the price point and the durability of this carry-on makes it a clear choice for recommendation. The Helium Aero offers female travelers the ease and convenience of multi-directional spinning wheels, perfect for maneuvering airports or other congested spaces. It’s hard shell will ensure that all of your belongings are safe and protected from damage, leaks or impact.

It offers a laptop compartment, expandable space, and a sleek, fashionable exterior to help you travel in style, no matter where you’re going or who you need to impress.

We hope we’ve helped you narrow down your list of contenders for your next carry-on; may your next business trip be your best yet, complete with a durable, versatile and reliable carry-on.

Photo Credit: Matthew Hurst

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