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4 Business Travel Apps for Corporate Travelers

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If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably already taken some measures to improve your travel experience, like investing in a great carry-on to bypass pesky luggage fees or using a car service to take care of your transportation.

But for many business travelers, travel = stress. You can be as organized as possible, but things can still go wrong. Luckily, technology can streamline your business travels. There are a number of business travel apps that can help make your trip more efficient. Here are four apps that will improve your travel experience.

1. TripIt

TripIt is the business traveler’s ultimate sidekick. The business travel app houses all of your travel information: your hotel, flight, car rental, and restaurant reservations live in the same place. You can also share your itinerary with colleagues and family members. If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably have trips planned months in advance. You might not be able to remember all of them, but TripIt can.

TripIt is a free app, although they also offer TripIt Pro, a paid version that’s a bit more sophisticated. TripIt Pro provides real-time flight updates. Once you land, you’ll get an immediate notification about your connecting flight. Or, if your flight is canceled or delayed, you’ll get a notification about that too. It also allows you to track your reward program points and offers money-saving VIP travel benefits.

2. HotelTonight

HotelTonight makes it easy to book hotels at remarkably low last-minute rates for tonight, tomorrow, or next week. When hotels have unsold rooms, they load them on the app.

If your travel plans are more flexible, HotelTonight is a great way to book. Since a hotel always wants to be at capacity, they’re willing to lower the price on unsold rooms. These last-minute deals can offer serious discounts and might even allow you to stay at a much nicer hotel for the same budget. Plus, HotelTonight screens every hotel they list. If it doesn’t meet their standards, it won’t make it to the app.

Wherever you are the world, just open up HotelTonight, and you’ll probably be able to find room. They work with hotels in hundreds of cities around the globe.

3. Car Service Apps

Opting for a cab, rental car, or ride-sharing service during a business trip is simply not ideal. When you’re traveling for work, time and money matter. You can’t count on any of these options when you’re running on a strict schedule. There is way too much margin for error.

Car service is the best method of transportation during corporate travel. You’ll get a professional, knowledgeable chauffeur who can get you where to need to be efficiently and offer suggestions for restaurants, sightseeing, and entertainment.

There’s no reason to deal with confusing city streets and traffic, tardiness, or a rude driver when you’re sitting in the backseat of a comfortable luxury vehicle. None of this is guaranteed with cabs, ride-sharing, or renting a car.

Say you’re flying into O’Hare in Chicago, one of the busiest airports in the world, and you’re headed straight to a meeting. You probably don’t feel like standing around and waiting for a cab or rideshare to pick you up. Many transportation providers, including OML Worldwide, offer mobile apps or online reservation systems for quick, easy booking that works on your schedule.

4. The Mindfulness App

Any travel can get stressful, but business travel can be particularly taxing. When you’re stressed, you’re less likely to think clearly, work efficiently, or feel happy. The Mindfulness App can help you find your center, control your breathing, and lower your blood pressure.

It comes with pre-loaded sessions for guided meditation, breathing exercises, and soothing sounds. A premium version is also available, which includes more than 20 full-length courses and 200 meditations, plus access to new content and offline listening.

Squeeze in a quick 5-minute session while you’re in the car, waiting for your plane to board, or anytime you feel your blood pressure start to ride.

Download these business travel apps and see if they improve your next work trip. You may find that you’ll never travel without them again!

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in July 2015 and has since been updated for accuracy.

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