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4 Corporate Travel Tips for Road Warriors

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This blog was originally published in 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information possible.

The life of a corporate traveler might sound glamorous at first, full of jet-setting and spending evenings in different cities.

You might imagine a slick, be-suited executive, enjoying top-notch hotel services and expense accounts for delicious dinners.

People often assume a constant business traveler is simply enjoying multiple paid-in-full vacations to awesome cities like Chicago and New York City.

The reality of a business traveler’s life, however, is much different.

Not only is the executive traveler’s schedule often grueling and unforgiving, they are still expected to get work done.

Constantly traveling for business can create weary, exhausted executives; finding any shortcut or helpful tip on an easier travel experience is like gold to a road warrior.

That’s why OML Worldwide has compiled this short, but mighty, list of travel tips for business travelers below.

Sign Up for Expedited Security Programs

If you travel multiple weeks a year, both internationally and domestically, you need to look into programs that allow approved travelers to expedite the security process.

Programs like Global Entry, which qualifies accepted applicants for expedited customs processes

+ TSA Precheck, which allow travelers to enjoy a quicker security check process, are a godsend for business travelers who are juggling tight schedules and demanding projects.

Check into these programs and see if you qualify; you could enjoy dramatically reduced wait times at the airport if you’re approved.

Find a Great Rewards Program

Choose a company rewards program and begin building up your stock.

For instance, the Delta SkyMiles club offers great perks to frequent flyers; think chances to win multi-night stays at resorts or great seats a baseball game. You’ll also get perks like preferred seating, bonuses for miles used with Delta and more.

JetBlue’s rewards program best benefits those who travel mostly around the East Coast, but its perks are impressive: You can earn points on every dollar you spend with JetBlue, for free vacations, hotel stays, and purchases with retail partners. You also enjoy no blackout dates on JetBlue flights, and your points can be redeemed on any airline.

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Program is perfect for those travelers based in the Southwest who frequently travel to major cities like New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. You’ll get points for every purchase with any of the airline’s retail and hotel partners, as well as use your points towards international travel at any time.

For a longer list of rewards programs and benefits for frequent flyers, check out this link.

Try to Book Only Non-Stop Flights

A non-stop flight is your best option for getting to your destination city quickly and avoiding layovers or stopovers.

When you have meetings to attend or a client dinner to arrange, why waste an extra hour or two with a direct flight that still requires a stop?

Flights with layovers are even worse, eating up hours of your day and forcing you to work on projects at the airport.

Even if you have to spend more money for the non-stop flight, you’ll be relieved that your flights are streamlined and don’t take up your entire day.

Procure Trustworthy Transportation

Business travel can be grueling, zapping you of energy and decreasing your productivity.

The last thing most business travelers wants after a long flight is to stand on the curb outside the airport trying (and failing) to hail a cab.

You deserve transportation you can trust, with a company that puts you first.

That’s why booking corporate car service with your own private chauffeur is the most preferable method of transportation for corporate travelers.

With the right rewards program, a trustworthy car service and the quickest flights, your business trip can be both productive and enjoyable.

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