4 Tips for a Smooth Thanksgiving Celebration

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Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. Family, fun, and food. What more could you want? But it can also be downright stressful, as many of us will be preparing a huge holiday feast and getting our homes ready for an influx of visitors.

But the valuable family time and togetherness Thanksgiving brings is well worth the hassle and frustration of preparing for the big day. If you’re anticipating out-of-town family and friends this holiday season and are hoping to keep your home in order, check out these tips for a smooth, fun-filled holiday.

1. Turn off unnecessary appliances.

When you’re hosting more people in your home than usual, you can expect to expend more energy than usual. Whether it’s to power the televisions in each room, the stereos to keep the music playing, or your kitchen appliances as you prepare the feast, you can most definitely expect a larger energy bill after the festivities are over.

Taking a quick walkthrough of your home and unplugging any unnecessary appliances, however, can significantly lessen the blow. Any televisions, stereos, computers, and lights that you don’t anticipate needing during the meal should be unplugged and put away. There are so many smart ways to save energy.

2. Make sure your guests travel safely.

Thanksgiving is among the most dangerous holidays for road travel. In fact, more people get DUIs or go to jail for drunk driving on Thanksgiving than on any other holiday. You already know that the roads aren’t safe. You also know that you and many of your guests will be indulging in a few glasses of wine or bottles of beer as they enjoy their meal and the football game on Thanksgiving Day. Make sure they can enjoy themselves throughout the day and get home safely by booking chauffeured car service.

A reliable chauffeured car service guarantees that anyone who needs a ride home will have one. Your guests’ safety is at stake, after all. Find a provider that you trust.

3. Keep up with the kitchen.

With so many people in your home, it can be a challenge to be alert and attentive to everything that’s happening in the kitchen. Unfortunately, forgetting about a dish on the stove or in the oven can create a potential hazard. Make sure you stay up-to-date on the status of your meal by setting timers and reminders.

Your guests may also be able to bring dishes or split the kitchen duties with you. That way, everyone can enjoy themselves while knowing that the kitchen is under control.

4. Check your smoke detectors.

With many potential fire hazards in your kitchen and an abundance of distractions in your home, it’s important to be prepared for a mishap. The most important preventative measure you can take is to check each of your smoke detectors and make sure they are in working order before your guests have arrived.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for checking your smoke detectors.

Preparing for this demanding holiday isn’t easy, but with the right advice and information on hand, you can enjoy a genuinely lovely holiday with those you love. At OML Worldwide, we’re gearing up for a great Thanksgiving and holiday season, and we hope you and your family and friends are too. Happy holidays!

*Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in 2015. However, it has since been updated to reflect the most current information.


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