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4 Ways to Survive Your Midway Airport Layover

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Any time you’re stuck in an airport, things can get boring and tedious. If you’re traveling for business, stress is already high; the last thing you need is a long layover in an unfamiliar airport.

If you’re headed to Chicago’s Midway Airport soon, you may be wondering how to spend your delay or layover. Not to worry, though: OML Worldwide, Chicago’s premiere transportation service for 60 years, has the low-down on where to go, what to do, and how to pass the time.

Grab a Bite

If you’re hungry at Midway, you’ve got options. Whether you’re looking for cocktails, table service or a place to get a cup of coffee, Midway has you covered.

+ Tuscany Café, Main Terminal, Concourse A, Gate A7: An assortment of pasta, brick-oven pizzas and paninis make this an ideal stop for the hungry traveler. There’s always a full bar for those looking for cocktails.

+ Oak Street Beach Café, Main Terminal, Concourse B, B19: A variety of cocktails, beer and wine are just a few of the things you can enjoy at Oak Street Beach. You can also grab a juicy burger or enjoy some fresh seafood while you’re in.

+ Miller’s Pub, Concourse B, Gate B11: If you’re on the hunt for a tavern-like environment, head to Miller’s Pub in Concourse B. Enjoy a variety of bites like pulled pork sandwiches and famous wings, or order up a specialty top-shelf cocktail while you wait for your flight.

+ Red Mango, Main Terminal, Concourse B, Gate B19: Health-conscious traveler? Head to Red Mango, where you can enjoy a selection of teas, fruit smoothies, and fresh frozen yoghurt, complete with frozen fruit toppings and other healthy additions.

Go Shopping

Need to buy an accessory for your business laptop? Want to buy a gift for the kids while you wait? Midway has shops to help you do both:

+ Hudson News, Main Terminal, Concourse A, Gate A11: The big name in airport convenience, Hudson News is the spot to stock up on snacks, buy a newspaper, chewing gum and other essentials.

+ Relay, Main Terminal, Concourse B, B8: Looking for a great book for your layover? Relay offers magazines, a variety of books, newspapers and other media to keep the bookwork in you satisfied during your layover.

+ Kidsworks, Main Terminal, Boulevard: If you need to pick something up for the little ones, Kidsworks is the place to go. With name brand children’s toys, books and apparel, you can find something for the kids while your layover ticks by.

+ Spirit of the Red Horse, Main Terminal, Boulevard: Peruse a selection of handcrafted items, most made by Native American craftspeople. Pottery, jewelry and other specialty collections are available.

Relax, Recharge

Midway has options for both relaxation and charging up your devices so you can stay in touch. Check out these options for both:

+ Yoga Room, Main Terminal, Concourse C: Stop in at the yoga room for a relaxing, revitalizing experience, to balance out the rigors of travel and the stresses of a long layover.

+ Charging Stations: There are charging stations, complete with laptop tables and multiple outlets, for those of you who need some extra juice during your long layover.

Get Out of Midway

Midway is closer to downtown Chicago than O’Hare Airport, so it might make sense for you to arrange transportation to leave the airport during your layover.

Finding a great service to help make that happen? Easier said than done.

Fortunately, OML Worldwide is stationed nearby to help make your trip out of Midway absolutely effortless.

For over 60 years, OML Worldwide has been specializing in transportation to and from Midway Airport.

Our chauffeurs are the most carefully selected in the industry. We demand background checks, driver history reports, and drug testing to ensure that each of our clients receives the best, most trustworthy service whenever they book with us.

Utilize our handy OML Connect app to book your vehicle, get picked up at Midway at the time of your choosing, and spend your layover seeing Chicago.

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