5 Best New Business Books To Read At The Airport

5 Best New Business Books To Read At The Airport

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Most business travelers are familiar with the stresses of the airport: getting through security, finding a place to charge your electronics and a store to make last-minute snack purchases are just a few of the challenges travelers face in the airport.

Business travelers have the added stress of a firm schedule on their plates, so using each minute efficiently and knowledgeably is important to the success of their trip.

Having great reading material on hand, reading material that helps keep you up to date on current events or educates you on developments in your field, can help pass the time at the airport more easily and with added benefits.

Here are the 5 best new business books to read up on while you’re in between flights at the airport.

1. The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership

by Richard Branson

CEO and mogul Richard Branson is worth an estimated $5 billion dollars; the company he founded, the Virgin Group, owns over 400 separate companies around the world, and his likeness is among the most recognizable in the world. If you’re in a leadership position yourself, The Virgin Way will be an absorbing read, detailing the various ways Branson came to identify and enact effective leadership.

2. How Google Works

by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

Former executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt learned a thing or two about business and technology while working with the internet giant from 2001-2011. Along with former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg, Schmidt has penned this riveting page-turner, which details his experiences with the rise of technology, experiences in leadership and what it takes to create the office culture that leads to successful team work and true consensus among team-members.

3. Smartcuts

by Shane Snow

Have you ever wondered how some companies went from startups to huge successes in an impressively short amount of time? Have you ever wondered about the business policies of the best and brightest modern business people? Shane Snow reveals the weaknesses of some of the business platitudes we’ve been trained to stick to all our lives (“Pay your dues,” anyone?) and how those platitudes hold us back instead of grooming us for ultimate success.

4. Rework

by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Rework challenges many of the startup methods that have been employed, encouraged, rehashed and clung to by entrepreneurs for decades. Fried and Heinemeier Hansson insist that there are easier, more efficient and more effective ways to build a business, from sticking with a smaller staff to forgetting about what the competition is doing. Rework re-envisions the parameters of the startup process by casting out old adages about growing your staff, getting a great office and competing fiercely with your competitors.


by Sophia Amoruso

The meteoric rise of online clothing retailer NASTY GAL puts owner, CEO and creative director Sophia Amoruso in a unique position to offer anecdotes, advice and inspiration for other entrepreneurs looking to build a successful empire out of a brilliant idea Especially for female entrepreneurs, Amoruso’s catchy one-liners and absorbing stories will ring exceptionally true. Everything from using your failures as fuel to following you gut instinct is covered in this riveting business read.

However you decide to spend your layovers or delays at the airport, don’t forget the importance of reading. Whether it’s a hard copy of a book, a magazine or book loaded on your tablet or your favorite website app on your phone, staying current on events, business trends and developments in our world is a huge part of successful and effective business.

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