5 “Breeds” of Your Clients/ Prospects

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As most of us know, it’s a dog eat dog world and sales in the Chicago limousine industry is no different.  When approaching a prospect it’s an easier task if you know their personality.  Because of my deep passion for our canine friends, I like to classify clients into breeds.  It helps me remember what hot buttons are typical for these types of people.

Pit Bull – As with the dog breed, most of your competition is scared of the Pit Bull client.  They can be aggressive, both with pricing demands and added amenities, and are often “short” in their answers to you.  The best part about them is they are fiercely loyal.  It may take a while to get them eating out of your hand, but once they do, they are a client for life.

Great Dane – These are the biggest clients/ prospects in your list.  They aren’t particularly aggressive because they don’t have to be.  Most of your competition just rolls over to them based on sheer size.  Many times they have a long history in with the company and have a great understanding of the industry.  Ever been to an industry association meeting , someone walks in and everyone starts looking or whispering, “Do you know who that is?”  That is your Great Dane prospect.  .  They are typically the hardest prospects to get a meeting with, and once you do, make it count.

Labrador Retriever – Ever have a prospect who is always happy to see or meet with you?  Always smiling and telling you how much business they “will be” sending your way just to later get no actual trips from them?  Don’t blame them.  This is what I call the Labrador retriever prospect.  They are excited and eager to please but shift loyalty to the next visiting human.

Bull Dog – This “breed” is tough to read and almost the opposite of the Labrador Retriever.  They show very little emotion or excitement during your meetings.  You seldom talk during the sales process. They seem to move very slow with decisions and then “WHAM” you start getting a bunch of trips.  These are not slow movers but rather people who are very deliberate in their actions.  When they need something you will know and when all is going well you seldom hear from them.

Jack Russell Terrier – Energy, will let you know exactly what they think, tells you every minor issue.  Having owned one of these dogs, I tend to have an attraction to clients like this as well.  This is the client that has a ton of energy.  You know, the one who calls you for a short chat and you end up talking with half the day.  They will call you any time of day and usually expect to get you and if anything goes wrong, from major to minor issues, you are sure to know about it.  However, these are extremely loyal clients who will give you chances, and maybe even suggestions, to fix any issue they have.

Check back Monday for effective ways to work with each of these prospect “breeds”.

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