Benefits of Chauffeured Transportation in Bad Weather

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As a child the term “Snow Day” meant no school, sledding, and hot chocolate.  As adults, it means terrible traffic, being late to work and numerous other stress inducing actions.  See how chauffeured transportation can make your snow day more enjoyable.

1)      Chauffeur Training – Professional chauffeurs are trained in defensive driving techniques as well as inclement weather driving.  This means you can rest assured you have the safest ride possible by using your chauffeured service provider.

2)      Vehicles – Contrary to the belief of that moron flying by you on the highway, SUVs do not make you invincible on the roadways during bad weather.  They do, however, offer a bit more stability and added safety equipment to keep you a bit safer.  Most chauffeured transportation providers offer SUVs as a vehicle option and often suggest one in the case of snow and sleet.

3)      Road Knowledge – Your chauffeured transportation provider has vehicles on the road 24hrs per day allowing us to know exactly what roads are tough to drive.  Dispatchers will route the chauffeur’s trip to ensure the safest and quickest way to your destination.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.