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Benefits of Using OML Connect On the Go

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Your Car Service Experience: Streamlined with OML Connect

OML Worldwide recently launched OML Connect, a handy, online application that will allow you stay connected to your car service reservation and OML’s chauffeurs every step of the way.

If you’re new to the world of web applications and how they can improve your car service experience, we understand; however, we are confident that OML Connect is an easy way to improve our customer service and help our customers get where they are going more quickly and more easily.

We’ve outlined a few of the ways that OML Connect can improve your next car service experience.

No Need to Call

Especially in the hectic environment of a major airport like O’Hare in Chicago, the airport pickup process can be frustrating. Finding a place that is quiet enough to make a phone call to alert your car service that you are ready to be picked up is an energy-consuming challenge.

With OML Connect, there is no need to make a phone call. Simply access the web application on your smartphone, connect with your chauffeur, and alert him or her to your location. You won’t have to fuss over finding a spot to make a phone call or be hit with busy signals or holds when your schedule depends on quick connection.


The quickness and simplicity of a few simple taps on your phone versus the effort of making a phone call is important to business travelers whose schedule relies on convenience.

OML Worldwide understands the unique importance of having things “just a click away”; that’s why we’ve developed a web application that you can rely on each and every time you utilize our services.

Perfect for Frequent Customers

If you utilize OML’s chauffeured car services on a regular basis, you might be looking for an easier way to book and communicate with your dispatcher. OML Connect is the answer to that desire. You’ll use the same username and password that you use for OML online reservation application, further streamlining the ease of use and convenience you can enjoy with OML Connect. Once you have both applications on your smartphone, using OML’s services should become easier than ever.

OML Connect helps further OML Worldwide’s desire to improve our customer service and continually improve and simplify the booking experience that those customers enjoy.

OML Worldwide hopes you’ll consider utilizing both of our convenient mobile apps, both our reservation app and OML Connect, during your next car service experience with us.

Photo Credit: OML Worldwide

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