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Best Apps for Keeping Your Brain Sharp

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This blog was originally published in October of 2014; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information. 

For many business people, corporate travel is just another part of their lives. Whether you travel every month or once a year, being on the road so much can take a toll on your mental sharpness. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of options in the world of mobile apps, that can help you stay up on your mental acuity without spurring you towards burnout.

We’ve listed a few of our favorite mobile apps for staying mentally sharp throughout your business travels and your professional life.

Cognifit Brain Fitness

This patented technology creates a personal regimen to increase your particular brain needs. Peruse fun games developed by neuroscientists, and increase your acuity in areas like memory, visual scanning, and response time.

When you get the hang of the games, you can challenge your friends and keep track of your progress through the app.

It’s available on iPad and iPhone to help you keep your brain sharp while you’re on the road. It’s the perfect app for road warriors who struggle with burnout.

The app is free for introductory games, but $15.84/per month for more advanced cognitive training.

Clockwork Brain

This app, perfect for your iPhone or iPad, presents players with rapid-fire, Steampunk-themed brain training games.

Focus on mental areas like memory, visual and spatial recognition and logic. From matching pictures to grouping images with your mind, Clockwork Brain will help you stay mentally sharp, focused and attentive, even when you’re bored at the airport and don’t feel like jumping into work tasks.

Best of all? You can get the standard version for free.

Personal Zen

Is it stress and anxiety that gets the best of you while you’re on the road?

Personal Zen is the perfect brain-training app for you, combining fun games with stress-and-anxiety-relieving effects. With the belief that a digital mental-well being revolution is brewing, Personal Zen provides users with an escape when tensions are high and negativity is pervasive.

The Room Pocket

Another fun puzzle game, the Room Pocket offers stunning graphics, with each game requiring you to escape a different room. Put your mind power to the test and see if you solve the puzzles the game presents; mental acuity, memory and spatial and visual reasoning are challenged in this rewarding collection of puzzles.

This app costs $.99.

Can You Escape

This app presents the user with different scenarios in which (you guessed it), they must escape from locked rooms. Several mental skills will be challenged when you use this app, including puzzles, spatial and logical reasoning. Find hidden objects, re-order pictures and experience the satisfaction of escaping.

This app is free.

Fit Brains Trainer

This app, which is brought to users by the formidable Rosetta Stone Company, helps users focus on deeper concentration, quick thinking, improving hand-eye coordination, reaction speed and problem solving. With over 360 games, you can keep your brain in shape no matter where you are. You can track your progress and cater you game selection to what you brain needs. Best of all, it’s completely free.


Your cognitive daily workout is the chief concern of Lumosity, perhaps the leader in the modern “brain training” craze. Not only will you get access to tons of neuroscientist-developed cognitive games, you’ll get to track your daily progress and see how you’ve improved over time. Improve memory, spatial and visual skills, logical thinking, vocabulary and mental reaction time.

Lumosity does carry a price tag, but for those who want their brain training to be neuroscientist-made, it’s the best app option out there.

Use your travel down time to exercise your brain and have fun, without risking burnout by focusing too much on work. You can stay focused, improve cognitive skills and genuinely enjoy yourself, thanks to the great mobile apps.


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