The Best Holiday Games to Play with the Family

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Make the Most of Family Time With These Fun, Festive Holiday Games

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When you have kids, it can be hard to think of new ways to enjoy the holidays each year. Keeping kids entertained and enthralled by the spirit of the season is a puzzle many parents struggle to solve, especially when trends and toys get more and more elaborate each year.

You don’t have to spend tons of money and buy extravagant gifts to give your kids an amazing holiday experience. Sometimes, the best memories are made through simple things, like a family game.

Holiday-themed games are all about family togetherness. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

For parents, setting up a scavenger hunt – whether it’s in your home or around the neighborhood – is a great way to get your kids into the holiday spirit. It’s also a great family game for days when the weather is frightful and the kids are going stir-crazy.

Find a few sentimental holiday items, like an ornament, a figurine, or a stuffed animal, and hide them strategically in your chosen scavenger spot. Create a guide explaining which items are hidden. For older children, you can provide clues to which items are hidden and have them solve the puzzles before finding the items.

2. Holiday Charades

Charades is a family favorite no matter the time of year, but catering your game of charades to the holidays is a great way to instill the spirit of the season at the same time. Allow you kids to make up their own objects or people to imitate so the game has a notion of independence. Split up into teams for a bit of friendly competition. There is an infinite possibility for family holiday fun, putting everyone into the spirit.

3. Gift Wrap Challenge

Get your kids involved in wrapping presents by playing the Gift Wrap Challenge. It’s an easy way to teach them a valuable skill – gift-wrapping – while also encouraging friendly holiday competition. A contest to see who can wrap the fastest is an easy way to add flair to the typically droll chore of wrapping presents, and it will allow you to spend time with your kids while getting the wrapping done.

4. Pass the Parcel

Another great game for families with small children, Pass the Parcel is played similarly to musical chairs, with a small present – preferably a kid-friendly stocking stuffer – wrapped in several layers of durable wrapping paper. The children will pass the present among one another while a song plays. When the song ends, the child holding the present will get to peel off a layer of the wrapping paper. Whoever peels off the last layer of wrapping paper gets to keep the present. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it helps keep kids occupied on days when the weather excludes playing outside.

5. I Spy Holiday Edition

When it’s the holiday season, taking a car ride to get hot chocolate can yield an incredibly fun game of holiday edition “I Spy.” Because there are so many holiday decorations on homes and businesses, you can easily incorporate Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, snowflakes, and holiday lights into your game.

Why not book Chicago car service to ensure that you can participate in the game with your children? Book a limousine to take you to your favorite café for some holiday beverages and play in the car during the trip. The game encourages your children not only to carefully observe their environment, but to really take in all the holiday decorations and festive cheer in the world around them.

The holidays are a time of joy and togetherness, and family-friendly holiday games are an easy way to get everyone in the spirit.

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2014. It has since been updated to reflect the most current information.
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