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The 4 Best Laptops for the Business Traveler in 2016

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Business Travel Changes; So Do Our Devices in 2016

As another year of business deals and corporate travel comes around, many business travelers are on the hunt for devices and tools that can make the experience easier.

From convenient apps to important trends, there is something new every year. For many business travelers, that’s finding the best new laptops every January. To help you capitalize on the best new tools available to you this year, we’ve listed our favorite laptops for the business traveler in 2015.

Lenovo ThinkPad T450s

Price: $953.10

The thinnest and lightest of Lenovo’s renowned ThinkPad series weighs in at just 3.5 pounds. It’s optimal for business travelers who don’t want to be weighed down by a bulky device.

The ThinkPad T450s features a 14-inch display, standard with 1600 x 900 pixels. It also offers a battery life that crushes the competition at 15.5 hours with the extended battery, making the Lenovo ThinkPad a contender for best laptops for business travelers.

Toshiba Portege Z20t

Price: $1,399.99

This 2-in-1 combines the power of a laptop with the portability and convenience of a tablet. You’ll enjoy an impressive battery life (up to 17 hours on a single charge), powerful chassis, a 12.5-inch display for optimal storage and carriage, and user-friendly features like a large touch pad and a great keyboard for easy typing.

Dell XPS 15

Price: $999.99

The smallest 15-inch laptop on planet Earth offers a virtually borderless display screen, giving you as much bang for your buck as possible. Clocking in at just under 4 pounds, the XPS 15 won’t add any unnecessary weight to your carry-on, either; it’s slim design is perfect for sleek, unnoticeable storage in your briefcase or backpack.

It’s got a lot going on inside too: with the ultra HD display, the 6th Generation Intel Quad Core and a 17-hour battery life with an option for up to 9 added hours in your package, the XPS is ready to meet you where you are.

HP ZBook 15u G2

Price: $1,199.00

Considered a mobile workstation, this HP ZBook combines the sleek mobility of an ultraportable with the abilities of a much larger device.

Its military-standard design means it can withstand plenty of wear and tear without losing its abilities. After all, for business travelers, durability is almost as important as capability.

At just over 4 pounds and just under 15 inches, the laptop is small and light enough for easy carry; zoom through airports and public places during your travel.

When it comes to user experience, this one is set for business. It has all the ports and jacks you could need for the most demanding conference call or video session. The display is also packed with pixels to give you a pristine and attractive visual experience as you work.

As you can see, each of these laptops offers amazing capability and power for business travelers all over the world.

When your business trips demand so much more than they used to, you deserve the devices and tools that can help you rise to the occasion.

Transportation for the Serious Business Traveler

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