Biggest Affiliate Pet Peeves

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As OML’s worldwide network has grown, our affiliate relationships and interactions are increasing. With this increase we have also seen a few trends with some operators we’ve worked with. To all of our amazing affiliate partners around the globe, these instances probably don’t relate to you. However, we have seen these things come up so many times in the past that we felt it was imperative to share with our industry friends. These 5 things are the areas we avoid when selecting affiliate partners.

1) Delayed response to requests – This is surely the biggest pet peeve our team has. We all understand that our partners get busy and things need to get prioritized. Please let us know when we can expect a full response. Something as simple as “I’m swamped, can I get this quote to you this afternoon” will suffice.

2) Phone Etiquette – Personally, this is my biggest pet peeve. Having grown up around the best customer service training company, Telephone Doctor, I’m particularly sensitive. (The director of operations, Donna “Bulldog” Bryan, is my mother and has been with the company for 25 years.) If the person answering the phone is rude, unhappy, or puts me on hold without asking if it’s okay, I will say thank you and find another partner.

3) Accurate Quotes – This has become an increasingly disturbing problem. I call and get a quote, quote my client, and then get a different amount charged to our credit card. This is completely unacceptable. If I get a quote wrong I will take the blame. If your team quotes us wrong we expect you to do the same. This is why we all keep trip notes on how much and WHO quotes us.

4) Out of Touch Dispatch – We need to know where our passengers are and what their trip status is at all times. It is extremely frustrating to call and have a dispatcher say, “Oh, let me call the driver” or “I’m not sure when they dropped, can you call back in the morning”.

5) False Information – If something goes wrong with a trip just simply be honest about what happened. We are all in the same industry and can tell when we are getting an excuse. “We messed up and we are sorry.” is at times the best thing we can hear.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.