Chicago Business Travelers: 3 Ways to Ease Travel Stress

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Chicago-Business Travelers 3 Ways to Ease Travel Stress

Why Car Service is the Best Option for Your Chicago Airport Commute

If you’re like most business travelers, you live and die by the management of your schedule. From accounting for time in the airport to strictly managing your commutes from the airport to your hotel and everything in between, punctuality is the secret to your business travel success.

For those of you who travel to Chicago for business on a regular basis, you’re familiar with the challenges the airport can pose: spanning over 7,000 acres and with 189 gates, getting to and from your gate and finding a reliable mode of transportation out of the airport can be a challenge.

Efficiently managing your schedule sometimes mean that taxis and airport shuttle services simply won’t suffice. Especially if you’re traveling during peak hours, finding a taxi could take longer than anticipated, and could put a wrench in your schedule.

Booking car service to handle your trips to and from Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway Airports will ensure you the most efficient and reliable transportation throughout your stay in the Windy City. Not convinced? Keep reading.

Car Service is Dependable

Unlike taxis, when you’ve booked a car service to retrieve you from the airport, you can be far more confident in the punctuality and dependability of the service. Your car service chauffeur should communicate his or her estimated time of arrival and confirm the location in the airport where you’d like to be picked in plenty of advance.

When you have your schedule, location and travel needs so clearly laid out, losing time with communication issues or guesswork is far less of an issue. As a result, you can focus more on preparing for your business meetings and clients dinners.

Chauffeurs Make Everything Easier

Many people assume a chauffeur is simply there to drive. However, within a reputable transportation company that is dedicated to high-quality customer service, your chauffeur will be so much more than a driver.

With car service, your chauffeur can meet you in baggage claim to help you with your luggage. Additionally, he or she will be a local expert who understands traffic patterns, efficient routes and short cuts to ensure that you arrive at each of your destinations in a timely manner.

If you have questions about Chicago once you arrive, your chauffeur is the perfect person to consult. Need advice on great restaurants to host client dinners? Your chauffeur will have plenty of suggestions on hand.

Diminish Confusion—Streamline Arrivals and Pickups

As we’ve said before, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is simply massive. With over 7,000 acres of airport space, the likelihood of getting lost, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the airport, is reasonably high.

Midway Airport in the city of Chicago can be equally as confusing for newcomers.

For business travelers, the time delays involved in reading maps, asking for directions or confusing one gate with another are catastrophic to their schedules.

Having a chauffeur on hand who is familiar with the layout of the airport and can offer valuable advice on gate locations or where to find food can help travelers tremendously in the effort to cut down on confusion while passing through either of Chicago’s most frequented airports.

Streamlining your airport experience is among the most important benefits offered by booking car service for your next trip into Chicago. The efficiency, convenience and comfort offered by choosing car service over rental cars, ride-sharing services, taxis or public transit can make all the difference in your next business trip to Chicago. You schedule demands more from your airport transportation; car service can meet those demands with superior ease.

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