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Chicago Corporate Retreats: 3 Tips for Improvement

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Create a Better Chicago Corporate Retreat for Your Team

Corporate retreats can serve many functions in adding a spark back into your office; helping your team members get to know each other, boosting morale, centering goals and motivations and mixing up the work environment are just a few of the positives that can come from organizing a corporate retreat for your employees.

Unfortunately, having the idea isn’t the same as executing it, and when it comes to your corporate retreat budget, you’ll need to ensure that your event is effective and serves a decided purpose for your team.

Here are a few tips for creating and executing a better corporate retreat in Chicago.

Find Out What Your Employees Need

A corporate retreat can’t serve nearly as pertinent a purpose when it’s not geared towards the needs of your team.

Send out a company survey before the retreat to learn what issues your team has, what challenges they face, and how they think those challenges could be remedied at the retreat.

Taking time to think about the types of activities that could best suit the mood and the needs of your team will result in a much more effective corporate retreat. Not only will your group be comfortable with the surroundings, they’ll be engaged in the activities and discussions because their needs are being addressed. It’s a win for everyone.

Find a Great Venue

Explore some of Chicago’s best venues and centers for holding your corporate retreat. Find the environment that suits your team best. Here are a few of our favorites in the Windy City:

+Parties that Cook: team-building is the name when you book your corporate retreat with Parties that Cook. Have your team meet in one of many program-sponsored professional kitchens around the city, and everyone will get the chance to contribute to a delicious meal.

+Blue Door Cottages: Located two hours from downtown Chicago, Blue Door Cottages is a great way to infuse your corporate retreat with a kind of idyllic charm. These rustic cottages on the shores of Lake Shafer will make it easy to plan great team-building outings and corporate activities.

+City View Loft: This gorgeous space in downtown Chicago will lend an air of luxury to your corporate retreat. The space organizers will handle all of the details so you don’t have to, from tables and chairs to catering and décor. You and your group can focus on presentations, activities and entertainment for a great boost in team morale.

Be a Leader

It’s easy for any corporate meeting or event to descend into disorganized chaos if there isn’t someone there to guide the conversation and keep things on track.

As the manager, it’s not only your job to create an itinerary for your group to follow, it’s your job to keep that itinerary humming along in a loose path towards an ultimate goal. Of course, don’t discourage free discussion or dismiss your team’s ideas as things progress, but it’s also important to make sure that your time together is productive, with objectives and goals at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Remember: even if it’s just boosting team morale, your corporate retreat needs to have a purpose. As the leader of your team, it’s your job to deduce that purpose and create a comprehensive plan of action for accomplishing it.

When you return to the office on Monday after a weekend of team building, morale boosting and inspiration, you might be shocked at the harmony, productivity and air of confidence that permeates your office. All that’s left to do is plan for it.

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