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Chicago Wedding Day Focus: Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Transportation

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This blog was originally published in June of 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information. 

Planning a wedding in a city as big as Chicago brings challenges simply because of the number of options at your fingertips.

From outdoor venues to classic churches to rustic industrial buildings that have been re-enlivened with renovations, there are limitless options for creating your dream day.

Unfortunately, all the options in the world won’t make the planning process go any smoother if you don’t know what you want.

Transportation is an aspect of wedding planning that many people leave to the last minute. But early booking and careful selection of your company and vehicles is vital to getting the transportation you deserve. 

If you’ve yet to take this step in the wedding planning phase, we’ve listed a few tips for choosing the right company for your special day.

Peruse the Fleet

If you have a vision for what your wedding day pictures will look like, but can’t put your finger on the type of car in the background, it is vital that you peruse all potential companies’ fleets before booking.

Perhaps a white stretch limousine doesn’t have enough pizzazz, and you’d prefer a white stretch SUV instead. Maybe you would prefer a mini bus or motor coach to accommodate all of your out-of-town guests.

Whatever your preferences may be, you deserve variety and the ability to choose the cars that best fit your wedding dream.

Versatile Services

The company that you choose should be able to provide you with a variety of services on your wedding day, beyond just driving the vehicles you’ve booked.

A company that offers more understands the unique needs of each wedding party. They understand that you deserve to cater your car service to your particular vision, and that simply driving is not enough.

OML Worldwide in Chicago, for instance, offers a range of transportation services for your wedding day:

+Shuttle services for your out-of-town guests

+Airport transportation for out-of-town guests

+Transportation for bride and groom after the ceremony

+On-Site Wedding Transportation Co-ordinators and Event Planners

You can trust a company that offers this kind of versatility to be there for you every step of the way, removing the stress of wedding day transportation and ensuring that you feel as confident and comfortable as possible.

Professional Chauffeurs

The value of a great chauffeur on your wedding day cannot be measured. After all, they are responsible for getting you to the ceremony and reception on time and showing your family members the hospitality and accommodation that they deserve.

When you’re stressed out and anxious about an aspect of the festivities, having a chauffeur that is confident and professional can make a world of difference.

OML Worldwide prides itself on hiring on the most professional chauffeurs with the most impressive customer service experience. A chauffeur who knows the value of customer service, and how to provide an experience that has lasting value, is invaluable to your wedding festivities.

Do research into a company’s chauffeurs, their level of experience and the process they must submit to before being hired.

A company’s whose chauffeurs have been serving its client for decades is a good indicator of a great company, knowledge, experience and expertise on the part of your chauffeur.

A Commitment to the Enviroment

It’s vital, especially in modern times, for transportation companies to be sensitive to the environment and their company’s impact on it.

The right company will have a comprehensive plan in place to ensure that their practices cause minimal damage to the earth, it’s atmosphere and the city where they drive.

OML Worldwide is committed to a number of environmentally-friendly practices in their services, including:

+They offer a selection of hybrid and clean fuel vehicles, including the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and the Mercedes Benz 350R.

+Paperless reservations and trip information; your chauffeurs will receive their instructions for your trip on company-provided tablets or Netbooks. OML Worldwide offers a handy mobile app, wherein you can book reservations, keep track of past and future trips, reach out to your chauffeur and keep track of billing. 

+Idle policies that prohibit our drivers from allowing their vehicles to idle for more than 15 minutes, minimizing their emissions and their impact on the environment and Chicago’s atmosphere.

As you zero in on the final stages of wedding plan for your Chicago wedding, we’d like to remind you to select your company with discretion and careful perusal of reviews, the company’s fleet and their policies.

You deserve a great experience on the most important day of your life; the right company will be willing and able to provide it.

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