Contact Information and Passenger Selection: Online Reservations

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Contact Information

The very first section of the reservation form is to collect information, not about the passenger, but about the person making the reservation.

This may be the same person, but more often than not, it is someone else. When you signed up for your login username, you filled out a form with your personal information including your name and phone number. This information is used to populate the two fields in this section. If we have questions about the reservation, this is the person we will try to contact first.

Passenger Selection

The second section of the reservation form is where you will select the passenger from your “address book” or add a new entry to your “address book”.

Click on ‘Select a Profile…’ to see a list of available passengers to select from. If the passenger is not already in your list from a previous entry, select ‘Add New Profile…’.

Fill in the form, fields with a yellow background are required, then click ‘Add Record’. This will add the entry to your “address book” for future use and select the new passenger for the current reservation. Fill out the form with as much information as your can. The ‘Default Comments’ field should be used for instructions to the driver only, do not include payment information in this field.

Once a passenger is selected, the ‘Passenger Name’ field will be populated and you can continue onto the next section.

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