Declining Gas Price: Ways to Spend Your Extra Cash in Chicago

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Ways to Enjoy Chicago with Your Extra Money

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he recent dip in gas prices has been a welcome relief for motorists across the nation, as gas prices have hovered at or above $4 a gallon for the past couple of years. For many of us, the spike in gas prices in recent years has urged the purchase of more fuel-efficient cars, caused us to scale back on other luxuries and find options for entertainment that don’t involve travel or the use of transportation. In essence, we’ve change the way we enjoy our lives, and though we might have gotten used to it, it hasn’t been ideal.

The fact that gas is back around $2.20 per gallon across the nation means a full tank is once again an affordable luxury for many of us, allowing us to save more money, travel more and experience more of the world. How has the change in gas prices affected the lives of Chicagoans recently?

More Discretionary Income

Money for gas was claiming a large portion of our discretionary income while wages had stagnated and the cost of living had continued to creep up. This dip in discretionary income meant less going on, less celebration of important events and less trips into the beautiful city to experiences its charms at different times of the year.

With more discretionary income, Chicagoans can add a few more trips downtown to their itineraries in 2015. Perhaps they can try out that new bar or restaurant, meet up with friends for drinks, or take a drive to one of the beautiful city parks.

New restaurants like Intro and The Northman provide great opportunities to go out and enjoy a special evening with your friends or significant other.

Explore Chicago More

With the money you’ll save on gas, you can explore the city of Chicago in more depth.

>Head out to the Navy Pier and go ice skating, enjoy the man-made snow sculptures or go on a dinner cruise. However you enjoy your time at the Pier, make sure you get home safely. Utilizing luxurious transportation, like booking a Chicago limousine, can help ensure that your evening is memorable as well as safe.

>Another option for your exploration of the city is heading out to a notable site like the Harris Theatre in Millennium Park. Hear a symphony, see contemporary and classic dance, or attend a family event with your kids. There are plenty of events coming up at the Theatre so peruse the site and get your tickets today.

>Make a trip to Dvorak Park on your day out and enjoy the playgrounds, play basketball or baseball or take a leisurely stroll.

>For a more unique Chicago experience, head to Reggie’s Rock Club in the South Loop and hear a live show. If you want to peruse the record store, head upstairs; you’ll likely find something worth purchasing.

Of course, there are thousands of other amazing ways to spend your new surplus of discretionary income in the Windy City. All you have to do is a little research, and you can plan an amazing outing in the city, complete with a delicious meal, reliable transportation and a great show. Whatever you’re interested in, take time to enjoy Chicago in 2015.

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