Digging for Answers

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Some of the best problem solvers are people that like to dig. No…I’m not referring to archeologists. More like detectives.

In the limousine business, problems tend to sneak up unexpectedly, and solutions can be difficult to find. But there is almost always a solution if you dig deep enough.

The issue isn’t the act of digging, it’s finding people with the knack or interest in finding solutions. In todays workplace, more and more employees tend to do “just enough” to keep their jobs. Going “above and beyond” is a lost art;almost a mantra of our parents or grandparents. Yet it is likely that in every place of business, a latent detective is lurking. Identifying this individual is one of the keys to future problem solving within your organization.

For a limo company, most “diggers” are in your dispatch room. The dispatch position itself is a feeder program for archeological digs. Finding clients is sometimes the equivalent of finding a rare vase or scroll amongst the ruins of some lost city. Overly dramatic….? Yeah…probably. But you get the point. Developing the skills to solve some of the daily operational conundrums a dispatcher encounters will make him or her keenly suited for problem solving elsewhere in your organization.

This is not to say that every dispatcher is worthy of moving up within an organization, but it certainly gives you a place to start looking. And while your evaluating a dispatcher, pay attention to the demeanor of your potential wunderkind. You don’t want to get those awesome skills at the cost of a client or other employee. A valuable problem solver won’t run roughshod over people in the quest for solutions to problems.

Move over Indiana Jones.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.