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No one goes to school thinking they’ll end up driving a limousine for a living. Usually, people stumble into because something else didn’t work out, or they’re waiting for something else to come along. However, like so many careers, sometimes things line up a certain way and…voila!!! Here you are.
For me, driving a limousine was a temporary stop 30 years ago. I was building things, and I liked it…liked working outside…physical labor…all of it. But in the early 1980’s, we were in the grip of a recession, and people weren’t building things. With two young kids to feed, there weren’t too many options, so I knew someone in the limo business that got me a job, and I’ve been at it ever since.
Driving is the easy part. Learning what was expected of a chauffeur…that’s an entirely different story. After all, in the early 80’s, most people were unfamiliar with limousines as airport transportation. They were more known for prom and wedding conveyance. Another obstacle was the geographical separation between north and south suburbs. I was raised in the southern suburbs, where the majority of families were blue collar, and I went to work for a north suburban limousine service, where a majority of clientele was white collar professional. This created a cultural dilemma for me, since I wasn’t sure why people – frankly – didn’t just drive themselves to the airport.
It doesn’t take much time in the business to understand that there’s a good reason to be driven. First and foremost, driving is a pain. Even if you like to drive, spending an hour to travel less than 20 miles is ridiculous. If you’re heading to the airport, or to Chicago limo service allows you to arrive at your destination stress free. It also allows you to work, or make phone calls safely and free of hassle.
When I travel, attend an event where alcohol is being served, or anywhere that is likely to present traffic or parking challenges, I prefer to be driven. When you weigh the pros and cons of using a limo service, the scales are most decidedly in favor of being chauffeured around.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.