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Eating Your Way Through Chicago: The Best Chicago Hot Dog Joints

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This post was originally published in 2015; we have since updated it to reflect the most current and accurate information. 

Are you on your way to the Windy City this summer? Hoping to experience some of the city’s best eats, events and culture? 

One of the well-known culinary features of Chicago is its hot dog.

The Chicago hot dog, in fact. 

With its mustard, onions, sweet pickle relish, hot peppers, tomato slices, dill pickle spear and celery salt, the Chicago Dog is famous the world over.

You might be surprised during your visit to the Windy City, however, that more than just the Chicago Dog can be found at its restaurants.

Many Chicago eateries specialize in hot dog creation, in fact!

For a fun twist on your next visit to Chicago, here are 5 of OML Worldwide’s most favorite hotdog stops in the Windy City.

Downtown Dogs

804 N. Rush Street, Chicago

This hotdog paradise is considered one of the ideal stops in Chicago for a true Chicago dog.

Downtown Dogs boasts a great location on Magnificent Mile and a super affordable menu.

Make any char dog, bratwurst or cheddar dog “Chicago-style” for the most authentic experience. They also have daily specials, other sandwiches, mini burgers and more, for those in your group who aren’t so hip to the hotdog trend.

Donald’s Famous Hot Dogs

4759 S. Central Avenue, Chicago

This sit-down stop offers patrons a classic Chicago dog, thick-cut fries and more, all for reasonable prices!

With its great location on Central Avenue, visitors to the Windy City can easily find and enjoy Donald’s creations.

If you don’t like hot dogs, there are plenty of other options, like a pork chop sandwich or a delicious burger.

There is also great patio seating for those who want to enjoy the views of the city while they eat.

Fatso’s Last Stand

2258 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago

Home of the “best char dog and shrimp” in Chicago, Fatso’s Last Stand began with a single hot dog stand! It has since been transformed into one of the best-known stops in the city for a true Chicago dog. 

Located in the Ukranian Village, Fatso’s Last Stand offers charred Polish sausage and salami, fried shrimp, mac ‘n cheese and more.

Fatso’s also specializes in a delectable charred hot dog, which you can get with cheddar, double cheddar or classic-style.

Skyway Doghouse

9480 Ewing Avenue, Chicago

Since 1969, Bob Polk (the owner of Skyway Doghouse) has made his famous poppy-seed buns and his delicious, famous hot dogs.

Polk buys only Vienna beef for his hot dogs. He also offers his patrons other goodies during their visits, like Polish sausage, Italian specialty sandwiches, and hamburgers.

You can get your dog Chicago-style (don’t mention ketchup!) or plain, and all the prices are eye-poppingly reasonable. Stop in for an affordable taste of one of Chicago’s best hot dogs.

Franks ‘n Dogs

1863 N. Clybourn Avenue, Chicago

With the motto “5-Star Dining on a Bun,” it’s clear that Franks ‘n Dogs is the place for higher-end hotdog tastes

Take for instance the Southerner, which features cornbread, caramelized onions, cherry bourbon barbecue and pork loin. Or perhaps the Brunch dog, which features breakfast sausage, Cobb smoked bacon, a fried egg and maple mayo.

There are a host of other “dogs” on the menu, as well as sandwiches, salads, sides and desserts, to keep everyone happy.

OML Worldwide Transportation loves Chicago and its range of great hotdog spots; make your tour of the Windy City’s best hotdog joints even better by booking chauffeured car service to handle your commutes.

With car service, all you have to worry about is enjoying your dog.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Keith

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