Employee Attention Span

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I was told once that you can hold a child’s attention for about 30 minutes before you start losing them. It seemed an arbitrary statement, until I started coaching youth baseball and realized that I was LUCKY to get 30 minutes out of some of my kids. Unfortunately, in a similar way, your employees have limited attention spans, and learning how to negotiate through this dilemma can be the difference between success and insanity.
Keeping your employees engaged starts with having them invested in your mission.  You can tell them whatever you want, but to get your employees to believe it…that’s where the challenge lays.  To keep employees engaged, you must be engaging…and therefore, you must convey that YOU believe in your message.  If I tell my employees that O’Hare-Midway is the premier limousine service in the Chicago limo market, then I must believe it as well.  If there is a sense that I’m trying to convince them of something that doesn’t exist, I will likely have a hard time convincing them and subsequently…fail at getting them on-board.

When it comes to simpler matters, the solutions can be just as simple.  Keep meetings short, directions short and to the point, and challenge your employees frequently with new and different tasks.  You’ll find that your employees pay more attention, and are more engaged in their jobs, and their employer.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.