Feature Spotlight: Search Reservations

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When you log onto our online reservations site, you are greeted with a list of your upcoming reservations for your convenience. But what if you need to find a reservation that has already taken place. You would use the ‘Search Reservations’ feature, which is located to the right of ‘New Reservation’ in the top menu.

From the Search Reservations section, you can search for reservations by date of travel, reservation number(s) or reference number(s).

To search for trips by date, select the first radio button. You have the option to select Today’s Reservation (the default), a range of pickup dates or a range of dropoff dates.

To search for specific reservation numbers, select the second radio button. You can enter in a list of reservation numbers seperated by commas.

If you use the Reference field when making reservation, common among our corporate customers to identify reservations by department, select the third radio button. You can enter a list of reference numbers seperated by commas.

Once you have selected the search criteria, click the Search button to see your results.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.