Feature Spotlight: User Profiles

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If you have been using online reservations or are new to it, user profiles is a great way to lessen the amount of typing needed to make a reservation. Think of it as a personal address book, once you have entered the passenger information into the address book once you can refer to it whenever that passenger is traveling and it will even fill out part of the form for you.

You can enter user profles while making new reservations, but you might want to make changes to existing profiles or even remove them entirely. All of this can be accomplished from the Admin section of the main menu, by accessing Profiles.

When you first enter the Profiles section, you are greeted with the form to enter a new User Profile.

You can use this form to add new profiles to your address book. All fields in highlighted in yellow are required.

Select an existing User Profile from the drop-down list and the form will allow you to edit the profile.

The form is the same, but the options have changed. You can now make changes to the profile or remove the profile. If you wish to remove the profile from you address book, click the “Remove Profile” button. The act of removing a profile cannot be undone, so delete carefully.

Quick Hint: When you enter the zip code, the application will “look-up” the city/state information for you, so skip the city and state fields and just enter the zip code. Zip codes with multiple towns will give you the option to pick one.

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