Finding Balance

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You arrive at O’Hare just before noon a Friday morning (any Friday will do), and call for your limo to take you to downtown Chicago. The car pulls up five minutes later, and you are happily on your way.
Your co worker is on a later flight, and arrives at O’Hare just before 5:00 in the afternoon. He calls for his car, but has to wait for several minutes before he is able to speak with a reservationist who tells him – it’s will be about 35 minutes for his car.
The next day, you get together and compare notes about your trip. You don’t have anything to complain about, but your co worker can’t get over the fact that his limo took over 40 minutes to get him to the city.
In these real-life scenarios, the difference is like black and white, and something we hear about regularly. What travelers don’t know is that we’ve been trying to solve this riddle for years. How do you provide consistent service in an environment that is anything BUT consistent?
At O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service, we have tried various ways to “beat” the system at the airports over the years. The problem is that there is more than a system to beat. We are constantly battling illegal operators and uncooperative ground transportation employees, both of which make it difficult to operate WITHIN the system, let alone outside. And then…there is traffic, which is not something specific to Chicago airports, but certainly a consideration.
The only thing we can do is… the best we can. And we ask for the patience of the traveling customer. We will use all available tools and give the best information we have. But once things go bad…they stay bad for a while.
One thing our clients can do to help us is try to schedule travel into Chicago to off-peak periods. If you have the ability to plan your trip ahead of time, try to avoid arriving into Chicago between two and six in the afternoon during the week. If you’re luggage free, call us as soon as you leave the plane. Depending where your gate is, you can replace (up to) 10 minutes of waiting time with “walking time” as you work your way to the limousine loading area.
We look forward to providing you with transportation to your destination, and rest assured that we’re working to find that elusive balance that makes your Chicago airport experience as hassle free as possible.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.