Holidays in Chicago

Getting Ready for the Holidays in Chicago: 3 Things to Know

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Prepare for the Holidays in the Windy City

Chicago is a city of history, attractions and lively residents. From jazz to sports to amazing food, there’s always something to see, someone to meet and something to learn.

As the holidays approach, many of you might be planning a visit to Chicago to see relatives or take in the charms of a big city during the flashiest time of year.

Chicago has plenty of attractions and great restaurants to keep your holidays bright.

Check out this easy list of things to remember as the holidays approach in beautiful Chicago.

Find a Great Dessert Spot

The holidays often bring snowy weather and biting temperatures, especially in Chicago. Finding a warm location in the city to indulge in dessert and seasonal hot beverages is the perfect way to fight the dropping temperatures while keeping spirits high. Here are some of the best dessert and beverage spots in the Windy City to try this holiday season:

+ Mindy: Located on Damen Avenue, Mindy offers a variety of delicious pastries and desserts, like the specialty S’more, made with frozen malt chocolate and Moloko stout hot fudge, or their framboise red velvet cake. You can also enjoy ice cream and sorbet, plus a variety of coffees, milkshakes and seasonal beverage, like their pumpkin spice hot chocolate, a delicious affogato or a traditional hot chocolate with a hint of caramel.

+ JR Dessert Bakery: A renowned dessert stop known for its cheesecake, JR offers a full line of desserts to bring home to your holiday dinner table. Among those desserts are the rugelach, pecan bars, a variety of cheesecakes and specialty cakes.

+ Sweet Mandy B’s: With its home on Webster Avenue and its menu overflowing with delicious desserts and breakfast bites, Sweet Mandy B’s is an ideal stop during your search for holiday comfort foods. The menu features entries like the award-winning cupcakes, a variety of dessert bars, plus pies like the seasonal berry and peanut butter chiffon.

Do Some Window Shopping

Nothing brings out the holiday spirit quite like searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

The holidays in Chicago bring out some of the best window displays in the state, and even if you don’t buy anything, taking a stroll down a popular retail street can help get you in the spirit of the season, plus give you some great ideas.

Here are a few great places to window shop as the holiday season approaches:

+ Magnificent Mile: The famed Magnificant is a great place to do holiday shopping and to see the outstanding window displays. Think big-name retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue, plus plenty of local boutiques and specialty shops to add artistic flair to the holiday displays you’ve come to love.

+ State Street: Not far from the Magnificent Mile is State Street, which features stunning window displays from places like Macy’s and Block 37. The Macy’s holiday display is among the most famous in the world, and is considered unmissable by holiday enthusiasts near Chicago.

Car Service for Your Holiday Outings

One thing to consider before planning your holiday experience in Chicago is transportation. Not only will there will be more travelers in the city, visiting family and going shopping, but there will also be the element of bad weather to consider. Especially if you aren’t familiar with the layout of the city, driving in bad weather could be out of the question.

When you need reliable, professional transportation, a professional car service is the clear choice for a superior experience.

OML Worldwide has over 50 years of experience providing outstanding luxury car service for a variety of occasions.

We have the vehicles in our fleet to provide each of our clients with what they need, whether it’s size, luxury or amenities.

We can ensure that each of your holiday outings in Chicago is seamless, comfortable and safe.

Call OML Worldwide to schedule your reservation today at (847) 948-8050.

Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer

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