Great Expectations

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In our lives, we expect things to go a certain way; we work hard and expect to be compensated, we may exercise and eat right with the expectation that we’ll remain healthy, and we support candidates for office and expect them to follow through with their promises. So what happens when our expectations differ from reality?
As you know, many people feel that they are underpaid…countless heathy people become sick or die unexpectedly…and politicians…well, enough said. The truth is that expectations are basically a type of faith, similar that one may have with a religion. And when a persons expectations aren’t realized, it becomes almost as serious as any crisis of faith. Repeated and serious misses of ones expectations can leave someone without faith; in themselves or their abilities.
In our business, our clients have expectations. Most often they are realistic, and I’m proud to say that in over 98% of the cases, we feel we meet or exceed those expectations. But what about the remainder? That 1(+)% that doesn’t get what they want. If they are disappointed enough, they will begin to lose faith…in our company and ability. Once they enter that “crisis” stage, it is almost certain that they will begin looking for a new limousine company to do business with, and we’ll be left scratching our heads. That certainly not the optimal scenario by any means.
O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service is in the people business, and we try to make sure that our clients understand that. If our customers are unhappy, WE are unhappy. If we fail to meet their expections, we take immediate steps to make sure we don’t fail a second time.
Our clients have great expectations, and it not their job to make sure they are met…it’s ours.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.