Highway Driving Courtesy

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Chauffeurs are always taught to drive carefully and courteously.  Highway driving has its own special “unwritten rules” that truck drivers, bus drivers and chauffeurs follow pretty strictly.  Below are a few I’ve learned from chauffeurs I’ve met.

Move Over – Provided the lane to your left is clear, always move one lane over if you see stopped vehicles.  Many states have laws requiring this when you see emergency vehicles and this is something you will see often when you travel.  The same practice goes when passing on-ramps with vehicles entering the highway.

Light Flash – No, this is not to let you know when the highway patrol is up ahead.  Large vehicle drivers will flash their lights to let a passing vehicle they can merge back into the lane.  This is a courtesy that is good to know and use when large vehicles are passing you.

Emergency Flashers – When approaching stopped traffic on a highway with no stop lights, many truck and bus drivers will turn on their emergency flashers to let you know they are coming to a complete stop.  This is extremely important when there is an accident or roadwork to let the vehicles behind you know there is a dangerous situation.

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