The History Of Chicago: 5 Great Books

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The History Of Chicago: 5 Great Books

Winter break is well on its way, and many of you are looking forward to two or more weeks at home with your families, relaxing, enjoying holiday foods and catching up on your hobbies. Christmas or winter break is the prime time for many professionals to catch up on their reading, and finding great books to keep you occupied through winter break can be a huge success for those of you who have no idea which tomes to dive into.

We think Chicago is an outstanding city with a fascinating history; that’s why we’ve compiled a list of great books about the Windy City itself to keep your winter reading list filled.

Chicago: America’s Railroad Capital

A thing many people don’t know about Chicago is that it was integral to the development and continued efficiency of America’s railway system, from the very beginning. Read about the history of the railway system in Chicago, with breathtaking photographs dating all the way back to 1836. Chicago’s legacy of railway centrality continues to this day, as it functions as a hub for railroads from all over the country.

Chicago Jazz: A Cultural History

Chicago is one of a handful of cities that epitomized jazz throughout its heyday; in fact, some of the most famous jazz musicians of all time cut their teeth in Chicago, including greats like Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Jelly Roll Morton, Ornette Coleman and Ella Fitzgerald numbered among those who found success in the Windy City. Chicago Jazz gives you a look into the seedy, immortal 1920s, when jazz musicians came to Chicago and creeped into nightclubs and cabarets to bring their incredible, one-of-a-kind music to the late night crowds.

The Encyclopedia of Chicago

Though this encyclopedia of the Windy City is massive, it is broken up into sections so you can read at you own interest level. Learn about Chicago’s religions, neighborhoods, ethnic groups and infrastructure; learn about the history of the city’s health care systems, technological innovations, business practices and culture. Once you’ve completed the Encyclopedia, you’ll know a lot more about how Chicago came to be one of the premier metropolises in the history of the United States.

City of the Century: the Epic of Chicago and the Making of America

Travel through time with the history of Chicago, where once it was a forgettable fur-trading post in the Midwest, to its transformation into a culturally and economically diverse hub in the 20th century. Get to know the businessmen who ran Chicago’s seedy underbelly during Prohibition. Get the backstory on some of the architecture that makes the city an envious collection of gorgeous buildings to this very day. Get to know Chicago like you never have before with this outstanding account of our great city.

The Chicago Outfit (Images of American Series)

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of organized crime in the Windy City, no book will answer your question like The Chicago Outfit, the story of the crime syndicate that had an incendiary influence on the state of Chicago’s underbelly from the late 19th century to present day. From business activities to the history of violence within the Outfit, this book will reveal breathtaking secrets one chapter after the other.

As you enjoy the holiday season, curled up with a good book or in the company of your family, don’t forget to travel responsibly at every turn. With Chicago car service, each trip into the Windy City can be safe and secure. Consider O’Hare Midway next time you’re planning an outing in the city; we’ll make sure the trip goes off without a hitch.
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