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Holiday Travel Tips

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Holiday Travel Tips

The holiday season is a time of unmitigated traveling chaos; whether you’re traveling across country for your once-a-year visit to your family or simply heading out of town to get together with friends, flying during the holidays is a stressful (and often rage-inducing) experience.

If you’re flying out of a populous area like Chicago, you might have a few more worries to add to your list. The more people trying to get through the airport, the harder it is for you to execute your schedule and reduce confusion when trying to make your flight.

But have no fear; we’ve created a list of tips for holiday travel survival at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Find the Restaurants

One thing that can stress travelers out as they navigate airports during the holidays is finding easy places to get food before or between their flights. An airport as large and intimidating as Chicago’s O’Hare Airport can pose a few obstacles for those of you looking to chow down during a layover or when pre-flight hunger strikes.

At O’Hare, there’s a huge list of restaurants and convenience areas to ensure you stay nourished throughout your travel experience.

Some of the standout restaurants at O’Hare include the Billy Goat Tavern and Grill in Terminal 1, Macaroni Grill in Terminal 3, O’Brien’s Restaurant and Bar in Terminal 3, and Tuscany Restaurant in Terminal 1. All of these restaurants offer table service and drinks if you find yourself needing to unwind from the holiday travel stress with a beer or cocktail.

Always, Always, Allow Extra Time

No matter what day of the week you’re traveling for the holidays, there will be increased crowds, traffic and mayhem. You’ll need to plan to leave your house earlier, have a clear route to and from the airports mapped out, and know the layout of O’Hare so you can get quickly from baggage claim to security to your Gate.

Especially if you have small children, allowing for extra time during your holiday travels is a must.

Remember: children don’t have to remove their shoes when going through security so be aware of these types of shortcuts before you arrive at security and waste unneeded time.

Book Airport Transportation To O’Hare-Midway

Especially during the holiday season, finding a rental car or hailing a taxi might prove to be a hefty task. Unfortunately, you’ll need reliable transportation when you arrive in your destination city and when you get back home again.

Booking car service well in advance of your holiday travels can help ensure that you have efficient transportation for getting to the airport, to your hotel or relatives’ homes when you land and to get back to your home when you return. A chauffeur will know the layout of the city and be able to navigate quickly and easily; don’t sacrifice your schedule or put yourself in a time crunch by relying on public transit, taxis or a rental car for your transportation this holiday season.

Contend with Unexpected Delays with Handy Apps

Technology might just be your best friend this holiday season, especially all of the travel-related apps available. From finding an affordable hotel at the last minute to getting up-to-date information on flight cancellations and delays, apps are a great way to streamline your holiday travel experience this year.

Here are some of the most outstanding apps to aid in your holiday travel experience:




Streamlining your holiday travel, especially in big cities like Chicago and big airports like O’Hare, can help you stay sane and enjoy the holidays for what they are: a time to celebrate and spend time with your family, not struggle with the minutia of chaotic holiday travel.



Image by Steve Evans from Citizen of the World [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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