Joe’s Thoughts from the Road

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So it’s been about a year that I have been with O’Hare-Midway Limousine and I wanted to share a few thoughts I have about my travels.

  • La Quinta Inn Arlington Heights is awesome.  I stayed here on my first trip just because I hadn’t planned very well.  I still stay there because their customer service is great.
  • There’s a town about halfway between St. Louis and Chicago named Funks Grove.  I fantasize that this is where George Clinton, Rick James and Afrika Bambaataa live.
  • Be careful who you yell at for cutting you off on the highway.  It could be a car full of nuns. (True Story)
  • If you drive a Dodge Charger there is a 90% chance you drive like a maniac.
  • Most cities have mile markers at every mile along the highway.  In Chicago it’s every tenth 1/10 of a mile.  Whoever sells mile marker signs did a good job here.
  • I love my job.  The OML team is second to none and definitely made me feel welcome.
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Dale Schahczinski
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