Late Season Snow

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Spring snow is the bane of the driving public, but apparently a boon for The Weather Channel. As I check my daily weather forecast, I often wonder how much excitement a little snow can possibly generate. That is, until I see one of The Weather Channel reporters on a roadside embankment, constantly beating the latest “winter storm whatever” name into my brain. What ever happened to – “It’s gonna snow tonight”?
For Illinois drivers, these late season snows are more a nuisance than anything else. A few inches of wet, sloppy snow can mess up the roads for a few hours…or maybe the better part of a day, but since temperatures begin to moderate in mid to late March, our experience tends to be more wet roads than slippery or slushy ones. Exceptions are rare, but do exist. In 1975, an April 2nd snowstorm unexpectedly dumped almost ten inches of snow on Chicago, and the accompanying cold temperatures made for a winter wonderland that stuck around almost two weeks.
Weather forecasting has become much better over the last four decades but – as we’ve seen this spring – late season snowstorms must be difficult to predict. Late last week, there were hints that the Chicago area would be receiving a healthy dose of snow, but as the weekend progressed, computer models began the process of “changing their minds”. When it eventually hit, winter storm Virgil missed Chicago by around a hundred miles.
Soon we’ll be able to put all thoughts of snow, ice, and cold temperatures on the back burner and dive head-first to summer. Until then, drivers must remain vigilant, ready to adjust their driving to the conditions they are presented with.
In the world of chauffeured transportation, we have an extra responsibility to our clients. O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service, with its fleet of cars, buses, and vans, takes the added responsibility of client safety seriously. Regardless of the time of the year, bad weather is treated the same. Once we know weather will become an issue, our drivers are reminded to slow down and increase their following distances. Precaution is the name of the game, and any limo service in Chicago and surrounding areas should train it’s chauffeurs to expect the unexpected…on the road AND from the sky.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.