Leaving a Lasting Impression as a Chauffeur

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In the Chicago limousine business, many clients use our services as a way to make a great impression on either customers or potential employees.  How can a chauffeur go the “Extra Mile” to make a lasting impression?

Attire – We all know the standard chauffeur wear.  Black suite, white shirt, black polished shoes and a dark tie are the staples.  How do you differentiate yourself?  Make sure your tie is tied proper and snug at the top and reaches right to your belt buckle at the bottom.  Tie tacks and cuff links really stand out to passengers as well.  Buttoning your suite jacket also shows a superior image.

Passenger Interaction – This is always a touchy subject.  Keeping quite during the ride is important in our business.  As a way to show interest in your client, giving a business card at the end of the trip, thanking them for using our company and asking if there is anything else you can help with show your concern for the passenger’s wellbeing.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.