Limo Infomercials

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As I sit watching early morning television, I am stunned by the number of truly bizarre products being “offered” through infomercials. You can buy everything from magic kitchen utensils to deceptive under garments, and each item promises to change the way you live.
Yesterday morning, on the way to a volunteer event some 70 miles away from home, I had some time to think about what a limousine company infomercial would look like. It’s actually somewhat surprising that a company hasn’t jumped on this yet, since most Americans are still relatively unaware of what a quality limousine service actually provides. In fact, the most common misconception I run into is that – as someone that works in the limo business – I must be a “limo driver”. Even people I’ve known for years assume that I still drive, and these are people who are aware that I have a real title…responsibilities…the whole nine yards!
Taking advantage of this cloud of secrecy, I can see it now……….
A frazzled mom appears on the screen, a screaming baby in one arm, a fire extinguisher in the other, trying to put a grocery list together while pushing the rest of her brood out the door in time to catch the bus to school. “Tired of all of THIS?” Then “POOF”! A limousine appears at her front door and whisks the harried house maiden off to a play, or a luncheon with some of her high-society friends. “This is the life you REALLY want.”
Forgive me for NOT being an infomercial writer, but the gist is that most infomercials border on the absurd, and so much limo service advertising plays that card. Reputable limo services tend to advertise very carefully. Since profit margins are incredibly small, dollars tend to be spent more on maintenance and upkeep. Companies that spend large amounts on ads are typically NOT spending on maintenance and upkeep, or they are just brokers that pass themselves off as actual services. Either way, steer clear of companies with impressive ads. You won’t be impressed with the service.
In conclusion, I look forward to seeing my first limo service infomercial. And shortly thereafter, I plan to see that service being offered at my local drug store, on that shelf with all the other “As Seen on TV” items like the Orgreenic frying pan and the Chia Dog.

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