Mission Impossible?

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“You can’t make everyone happy”. This statement is probably true, unless you’re in the business of giving away fat piles of cash. But just because something seems impossible doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.
Like every other business, limousine companies like O’Hare-Midway are confronted with being everything to everyone. In the Chicago limousine market, the spectrum of limo services is so broad that it can boggle the mind – from pseudo cab operations to high price high quality specialty vehicle companies. The expectations of potential clients can run the gamut as well, with the low end just looking for transportation, to the high end clients looking for movie star accommodations. So…what is a limo company to do?
There is one formula that seems to keep customers happy, and that is consistency. You may not have a rate structure that customers like, or procedures and policies that they’re especially fond of, but if you can provide consistency you will likely win their loyalty. Sounds easy, and it seems to be the theory that is least likely to be disproved. Customers return to their provider again and again as long as they receive consistent service. Ironically, it doesn’t need to be great service…just consistent.
Across the board, it is important to get employees to understand that giving a client consistent service, from the initial phone call to the actual transportation and service provided by a chauffeur, is vital to maintaining the client relationship. It’s not impossible…It just requires thinking like a client.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.