Moving Large Groups of People, Part Two

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Welcome to part two of Kim Michael’s tips and tricks to successfully moving large groups of people.

Information Organization

Use spreadsheets to organize all of your guests information, such as:

  • Airport Arrival and Departure information
  • Transportation Needs and Confirmations
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Rooming Requirements and Confirmations
  • Guest’s Contact Information

Always update your newest spreadsheet. You want everyone to be on the same page. What you know has been done, other people may not know.

Never lock cells. Locking your cells will make it impossible for others to make changes and corrections.

Be sure to include detailed information. Note anyone who is a VIP, such as the CEO of the company, guest speaker, etc. Also note if they are travelling with golf clubs, pets, skis/snowboards, or excessive luggage as this information will help decide that guest’s vehicle requirements. Include if a guest will be travelling with a passenger.

Here is a sample Group Spreadsheet to get you started.

How To Minimize Costs

When doing Airport arrivals, always request to have the passengers grouped upon arrival when possible. Sending two vehicles to the same place, at the same time is a waste of money.

Ask for a Corporate or Group Rate. Most companies will give a general rate. However, when requested, the company may give a Corporate rate that would be based upon volume for your group.

On departure day, use Sprinter Vans and Coaches when possible. Everyone is going to the same place, why not travel together? Plus, after days of long meetings, everyone wants to leave ASAP and may want to try and catch a flight on stand-by. This applies to group dinners and other evening events. Having multiple cars that are all going to the same place can be messy, confusing, and expensive.

Ask for your Coordinator’s advice on minimizing costs.

Request a document stating the company’s policies on cancellations, waiting time, airport arrival procedure, etc. Then there are no surprises when it is invoice time.

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