O’Hare-Midway = OML Worldwide

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For the past two years, O’Hare-Midway Limousine Service has slowly been moving over to a more universal moniker…OML Worldwide. This “snail paced rebranding” effort was initially designed to reflect the global nature of the limousine industry, but is now more an issue of the declining limousine market in general. Most companies are getting away from the “Limousine Service” suffix because – frankly – no one is buying limousines because customers aren’t asking for them as much. That, and the fact that making payments on a $90K vehicle can drain the will to live from almost anyone.

We are still the same company, with the same client base, operating area, price structure, etc. But in the end, we would like people to start getting used to the new name – OML Worldwide Transportation – if only to make it clear that we are not just a limousine company. Anyone that claims they are a limousine company in today’s world is either running old (and probably beat up) third-hand rattle traps, or laundering money for another enterprise. Either way, travelers should run the other way.

O’Hare-Midway = OML. The same great company, the same great history, the same great people.

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Dale Schahczinski
Goal driven team leader, with industry experience spanning all aspects of operations and administration.