Online Reservations, Part 3: Address Selection

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In part 3 of the series, we will explore the sections related to selecting addresses related to your travel; Pickup Location, Dropoff Location and Stops (if any).

For both the pickup and dropoff locations, you have three options; Airport, Profile Address and Other Address.

Ths first option is ‘Airport’.If would like us to pick you up at the airport, choose ‘Airport’ for your Pickup Location. Upon selecting ‘Airport’, you will be presented with a list of airports that we service and the option to be met at Baggage Claim. There is an extra charge for Baggage Claim service.

The second option is ‘Profile Address’. This is the address of the profile selected in the last section. If you want to be picked up at the home address of the Passenger selected at the beginning, then choose ‘Profile Address’ for the Pickup Location. This will populate the pickup section with the passengers home address, or whichever address is on file for the selected passenger.

The third, and final option, is ‘Other Address’. If you would like to have the selected passenger picked up at an address that is neither their home, nor an airport, then choose ‘Other Address’ for the Pickup Location. You will be presented with a blank address form and you can enter the address information.

Entering the zip code will automatically look up the city and state and populate those fields for you.

Then you would do the same for your Dropoff Location, selecting Airport, Profile Address or Other Address.

This takes care of your pickup and dropoff, but what if you would like to make a stop along the way. First it is important to know that stops requested by the passenger are only allowed in a Private Car. Shared Cars do not allow stops of this nature.

To enter a stop location, click the ‘Add New’ button in the Stops area.

This will bring up an address form to enter your stop information.

Enter the address and zip code. Entering the zip code will look up the related City and State for you and populate those fields. Click the ‘Add Record’ button to save your stop or click the ‘Cancel’ button to close the window without adding a stop to the reservation.

Once a stop has been added to your reservation, you will see it listed in the Stops section.

To edit an existing stop, click the ‘E”. To remove and existing stop, clieck the ‘X’. If you have entered multiple stops and need to rearrange them, you can do so by dragging the stop up or down in the list. Releasing the mouse after dragging it to it new position will renumber the stops. Stops are an additional charge and depending on their location may require a specialized quote.

Next time we will review the ‘Flight Information’ section.

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