Online Reservations, Part 4: Flight Information

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For trips involving an airport, it is important for us to collect your flight information. With this information our system automatically tracks your flight an alerts us to delays and cancellations, which can affect our efficient dispatching. To successfully track your flight we need a minimum of the Airline, Flight Number and Travel Date.

If your reservation does not involve a trip to or from an airport, you can leave this section blank.

First select your Airline from our dropdown list of airlines.

This is followed by the Flight Number field. You can ignore the Terminal Number field, our software will fill this information in after it checks your flight status. Next select your departing Airport from the dropdown list.

Next you will need to select your Departure Airport. You may notice that either your Departure Airport or Arrival Airport is already selected. This happens when you select an airport as your Pickup or Dropoff Location earlier in the process. If you selected O’Hare Airport as your Pickup Location, we know that your flight is arriving at O’Hare and the Arrival Airport is selected to match. The same for a Dropoff at an airport, but the Departure Airport is matched. Then fill in the date and time of your Flight Departure.

Do the same with the Arrival Airport, Arrival date and time. The application uses this flight information to calculate a suggested pickup time, in which section we will explore next time.

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