Online Reservations: Part 5, Pickup Date/Time & Preferences

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In part 5 of this series, we will explore the next two section of the form; Pickup Date/Time and Preferences.

The Pickup Date/Time is fairly self-explanatory and depending on your choices in earlier sections, might already be filled out. If your trip involves a flight and you have entered the flight dates and times, the pickup date/time field will be filled out with our suggested time. For a pickup at an airport, the Pickup Date/Time should match your arrival date/time exactly. For a pickup at your home or office, which is taking you to an airport, the Pickup Date/Time will be calculated from our database of travel times. Of course, you are free to change this time to anything you require, but please leave yourself plenty of time to catch your flight. Making changes to your flight information will cause the Pickup Date/Time to recalculate.

If you trip does not involve a flight, you will need to fill in the Pickup Date/Time.

The date portion of the Pickup Date/Time utilizes a Calendar popup to facilitate ease of date selection. The time portion is in hours, minutes and AM/PM selection.

In the next section, Preferences, you will select your choice of Priority, Vehicle Type and Number of Passengers.

There are three choices for Priority; Charter, Shared and Private.

A Charter reservation is an hourly trip, you may not have a specific destination in mind or may want the driver to wait for you while you dine or take in a concert/sporting event. The Charter reservation is charged by the hour and has a two hour minimum. If Charter is selected, then a new field will appear where you can enter the number of hours you think you will be needing the vehicle to stay with you.

A Shared reservations is available to or from specific towns and O’Hare Airport. If you select Shared, we will match you up with another Shared passenger who is also going to or from O’Hare, inline with your pickup or destination. We require a little more travel time and may arrive at your pickup up to 15 minutes after your scheduled time.

A Private reservation is more expensive than a Shared reservation, but is available from anywhere. If you are making stops of your own or traveling with a pet or have four passengers or more or traveling between the hours of 11pm and 5am or are traveling on certain holidays, then a Private car is a requirement.

Number of Passengers is where you would put the number of people in your party. Certain vehicle have size restrictions when it come to number of passengers, see below.

Vehicle Type is where you can tell us about your vehicle preferences. Your choices are No Preference, Limousine or Sedan. We will do our best to make sure that your preference is met. There is an additional fee for Limousines.

Next time we will explore the Notifications and Notes sections.

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