Online Reservations: Part 6, Notifications and Notes

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In part 6 of this series, we will explore the next two sections; Notifications and Notes. These two features are opposite sides of the information sharing coin. With Notifications, we can send you information about your reservation as it happens. With Notes, you can send us important information to aid us in the safe and efficient execution of your reservation.


The Notifications section allows you to be sent short alerts as to the ongoing status of your reservation. Perfect for tracking a guest or visitor for whom you have provided transportation.

There are three methods of Notification; Fax, Email and Text. You can choose one or several methods of notifications.

There are also three types of Notification; Pre, Pick and Drop. Again, you can choose one or several types. “Pre” Notifications are sent out approximately 48 hours prior to the pickup date/time, it can be used as a reminder of sorts. “Pick” Notifications are sent when the chauffeur marks the passenger as “On Board”, a great way of knowing when your guest is in the vehicle. “Drop” Notifications are sent when the chauffeur marks the reservation as complete.

To use Notifications, start by selecting the method. Then enter the appropriate information in the text field; fax number for Fax Notification, email address for Email Notification and cell phone number for Text Notification. If you have stored this information in the passenger’s profile (this can be done through the Admin section), then clicking the ellipsis button to the right of the text field will fill it in for you. Then all you have to do is check the boxes next to the Notification types that you desire, or check the “All” box to select them all at once.


You can use the Notes section to provide a free-form set of instructions to the driver. This is a great way to give the chauffeur directions, if you home or office is difficult to find. Please do not include payment information in the Notes section.

To add a note, simply click on the “Add New” button in the Notes section. Then fill in the text area field with your message. To save, click the “Save & Exit” button. To discard, click the “Cancel” button. Once you have created your note, it is easy to change or remove it. To edit an existing note, click the “E” button next to the note. To remove an existing note, click the “X” button.

Next time we will end the series with an exploration of the Payment section.

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